Allow users to Insert Several Slides from Multiple Presentations into Multiple Presentations.
Listing updated:May 9, 2024
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"Insert Slides Into Many Slides" is a dynamic Google Workspace™ Addon designed to simplify and streamline the process of distributing Google Slides™ across multiple presentations. Ideal for educators, legal professionals, marketers, HR departments, and more, this tool ensures that your most crucial slides reach the right audience efficiently and consistently.

*Selective Slide Insertion: Choose specific slides from several source presentations for targeted distribution.

*Flexible Destination Choices: Insert slides into multiple destination presentations to ensure uniformity and precision in message delivery.

*Customizable Insertion Points: Place slides at the beginning, specific points, or the end of presentations to best suit the flow of information.

*Multiple Slide Formats: Insert slides as fully editable elements, static screenshot images, or as the backdrop for new content, catering to a variety of presentation needs.

*Save Time: Reduce the hours spent on manual slide creation and distribution.

*Increase Consistency: Ensure that all recipients view the same information in the same format, maintaining a standard level of knowledge across all levels.

*Enhance Flexibility: Tailor every presentation to the needs of the audience with precision and ease.

*Streamline Communication: Quickly update and distribute essential slides across any number of presentations, making it perfect for urgent updates and consistent training.

Use Cases
*Education: Distribute lecture materials, assignment instructions, and educational resources across multiple student presentations.

*Legal: Share updated legal statutes or case study slides across presentations for multiple cases.

*Human Resources: Roll out updated policy documents or employee training materials across various departmental presentations.

*Marketing: Update promotional materials and strategic presentations across product lines or regional offices efficiently.

Getting Started
Installation: Easily install the addon from the Google Workspace™ Marketplace.

Configuration: Access this addon using Google Sheets™ to configure your source and destination files via a simple, user-friendly interface.

Execution: Select your slides and decide where they go with just a few clicks. Watch as your slides are seamlessly integrated into the designated presentations.
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Insert Slides Into Many Slides™ will need access to your Google account
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See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Slides presentations
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