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Takes an ideal time, earliest, and latest possible times then works around other commitments to schedule important regular events while keeping a busy person’s calendar flexible.
Listing updated:March 4, 2022
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Busy people struggle to make time at work for regular needs like eating lunch, going to the gym, or just taking time to reflect. JIT Time makes time for those important things. Some people deal with the challenge by setting a fixed time for events every day. This is a problem though, because it reduces flexibility and makes it hard to coordinate with colleagues’ and friends’ schedules.
Rather than scheduling a fixed time every day, with JIT Time you can set the earliest, latest, and ideal time you would look to book, and the number of days ahead you want the add-on to work out to. Every day it will scan ahead and try to book the ideal time on each of the days you have selected. If there is another event in the way, it will work between the earliest and latest possible times to find a time that doesn’t clash.
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