JobScore Recruiting and Applicant Tracking Software
Listing updated:August 19, 2022
JobScore was created by veteran recruiters to make hiring easier for everyone in your company. JobScore is a "hiring headquarters" where your entire team can securely see and search your jobs, resumes & feedback. 

Our free plan works great for hiring managers looking to drive hiring on their own. Our paid plans have the Enterprise features your company needs as it grows to make your recruiters happy and productive.

Sign up, add your jobs, invite your colleagues and watch your hiring soar. Join 1,000s of employers who have already hired 100,000s of people using JobScore. 

Features include:


- Recruiters can manage job listings without having to login to your site admin
- Integrate once, publish forever


- Add a dynamic, professional careers page to your website that matches your look and feel 
- Post to multiple job boards with one click 
- Request referrals using emails and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter 


- Route applicants, customize your workflow and capture feedback - replacing your "jobs@" email inbox 
- Stay on track with real-time pipeline, status and source reports 
- Make qualified candidates rise to the top with resume parsing and custom scoring criteria 

Add JobScore today and start your free trial.

Need more info or have integration questions? Email us:
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