Run efficient workshops easily with Klaxoon in the office, at home or on the go
Listing updated:June 15, 2023
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🎆 The revolutionary workspace for better collaboration
Every day, workshops replace traditional meetings and are becoming the most effective way to drive performance. 
Used daily by millions of people worldwide, Klaxoon is a hybrid and complete workspace that enables every type of workshop to be more engaging, mindful, and efficient: ideation workshops, design thinking, project management, customer meetings, team rituals, training sessions, business reviews, etc.

🚀 Why choose Klaxoon?
- It was explicitly created to foster collaboration and this is reflected in its easiness to connect, to use, and to share with others;
- It's a unique experience that allows everyone to bring their own contribution at every step of a project to increase productivity;
- It offers a complete hybrid collaboration space: you use it in the office or remotely, alone or in a team,  with partners, clients, providers... from a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

😎 Online whiteboard to workshop seamlessly
Board is a best-in-class online whiteboard that allows you to work as a team, starting at ideation and project management, any time, and from anywhere remotely. With Board's endless possibilities for sharing ideas with your colleagues on the go - whether it is through Question (our alternative to emails) or Networks - it has never been easier! Definitely, Klaxoon’s most addictive tool so far, since its easy interface makes working together so much funnier!

💪 Real-time collaboration
Session is the perfect way to make your next workshop a success. With its interactive activities, such as live votes (which give all attendees an opportunity for instant feedback), it boosts team collaboration by organizing people's thoughts together visually. This way, you gain efficiency while solving problems faster - exactly what you need for outstanding teamwork!

👂🏻 Work smarter yet not harder, from everywhere
Get organized and work with your team like never before! Klaxoon is the best way to give your team a competitive edge. With Klaxoon, you can collect feedback and information from anywhere, thanks to Memo, Adventure, Quiz, or Survey!

An unmatched experience of mindful collaboration to drive engagement: Klaxoon offers a suite of powerful activities to foster collaboration:
- Board: A best-in-class online whiteboard that allows you to work as a team, starting at ideation and project management, any time, and from anywhere remotely
- Session: An activity to run timed and participative workshops, with integrated visio, live questions and an integrated meeting report
- Question: Our alternative to emails, allowing you to direct vote, exchange with people and take decisions on the go
- Quiz: A series of questions to test and assess people’s knowledge;
- Survey: A simple solution to gather feedback with open response, ratings, multiple choice… 
- Memo: A set of content pages (text, photo, and video) and questions (in either quiz or survey format) that can be explored independently
- Mission: A gamified journey 
- Network: An easy and private place where you can organize all your activities in one place.
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