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Use Labelizer for sharing labels, contact groups and permalinks for mails in Gmail!
PLEASE NOTE: After you have installed Labelizer, it is strongly recommended that you extend it with the Labelizer Gadget free of charge.

You can get the Labelizer Gadget here:

Main features:
-) Shared labels / emails / folders
-) Shared contact groups / address books
-) Permalinks / shortlinks for shared emails (Labelizer Gadget)
-) Like / +1 mails (Labelizer Gadget)

Easy to use:
-) Create shared labels / contact groups and assign users you want the label/contact group with in the Labelizer member area.
-) Assign shared labels / contact groups to emails / contacts you want to share directly in Gmail and they will be shared with your colleagues.
-) View the permalink to a mail directly in Gmail with our handy Labelizer Gadget.
-) Like / +1 a mail directly in Gmail with our handy Labelizer Gadget.

Extremely versatile use cases:
-) Use shared labels to assign tasks "Assigned to John"
-) Keep track about which tasks are still open by using shared labels like "Todo: Open" 
-) See at a glance where reply is still outstanding in your whole department with shared labels like "Reply outstanding"
-) Set up labels for your Marketing, HR, Finance or Accounting departments. Grant authorization for different sublabels individually. Make emails available to each involved department by simply adding their labels.
-) Create shared contact groups for your departments, so everyone has contact information about all relevant partners.
-) Use permalinks for referencing to shared conversations directly instead of copying text or giving hints like "just look at the mail with subject x from guy y that you received on z".
-) Express how you feel about the content of a mail by giving it a like / +1. 

Try email 2.0 with Labelizer - 30 days for free!
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Samson Assefa
December 8, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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A User of Labelizer
April 20, 2020
Does this app still work? The icon is now showing a negative symbol.
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