Lookup email addresses and verify emails in bulk right on the Google Sheets
Listing updated:August 29, 2021
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You would like to connect to your business partners via email outreach. You want this done fast in a way that doesn’t take much of your time and hassle in building email address lists.

Or you may already have a database of email addresses saved in Google Sheets or Excel. You want to send these people bulk email but at no risk of massive bounces killing your sender reputation.

We developed Leadlist to save your time in building and validating your email lists. Add-on works entirely in the Google Sheets so that you do not need to switch between multiple apps and reload your data elsewhere.
Leadlist Email Finder and Verifier is all-in-one bulk email search & verification tool designed to meet your mailing list building and cleaning needs. 

We provide *free searches* and *free validation credits* to new customers so just try the app to see if it fits with your workflow. We are happy to add more free credits if you can share your experience and  review us on the Workspace Marketplace.


Our professional email generator and verifier tool works in simple steps:
✦ Open the add-on and push ‘Add headers’ 
✦ Copy-paste your data into the respective columns
✓ Press ‘Find emails’ or ‘Validate’ button depending on the tool you use and wait for the results to come up

Leadlist company email address finder and validation tool works entirely in your Google Sheets eliminating the need for multiple copy-paste and uploads of your data elsewhere.


➢ ease of use for building and validation of your mailing lists
➢ broad email domain coverage
➢ real time verification of email address list 
➢ free email lookups and verifications for new customers
➢ credits charged only if mail address was actually found or validated 
➢ built with your privacy in mind. We never store on our servers any data you provide or emails we find and to provide you with the output. You can find more details in our Privacy policy


Leadlist finder & verifier add-on does business email address lookup and validation of email addresses in real time. The process involves mail domain verification, then the mail checker runs against the internal database to see if we have had any domain occurrences with email templates already known to the finder. 
Then we validate email addresses in real time to ensure highest mail deliverability. This email verification process never involves sending an actual message.


☞ Business development & marketing
Reach out to people important to your business, find your first customers or approach investors. Check and update your email list before sending to keep your sender reputation at the highest possible levels.

☞ Outreach & lead generation
Fast set up and run your outbound lead gen campaigns to connect to your business leads. Engage in demand generation or prospecting activities using email outreach as a key outreach channel. 
Support your Linkedin lead generation with another channel to approach your target audience.
Enable multichannel campaigns delivering multiple touches with cold call email, and via Linkedin outreach. 
Nourish more leads and close more B2B sales at the end of the day.

☞ Product & Product marketing 
Validate your product ideas fast via delivering your message to potential customer segments. Get the responses and audience attention data enabling you to make the informed product decisions.

☞ Recruiting
Reach out to potential candidates to fill your recruiting pipeline and make hiring tech talent and filling your job openings more predictable.

All of the above largely depends on fast and accurate building and cleaning your mailing lists. 
Stay safe, find and verify professional emails from home!
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