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LeaksID is a cloud-based solution that deters malicious users from leaking valuable data. You can now share documents securely and identify the person responsible in case of a leak.
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Online Data Leak Deterrence System with proprietary technology at its core. It deters malicious users from leaking the most sensitive documents through screenshots, photos taken of the screen, printed-out documents, and documents shared via email.

LeaksID is a cloud-based tool that works with different types of files. It allows you to add invisible marks to document copies once you want to share them securely with third parties. If the printout, snapshot, or photo of a confidential document ever is disclosed publicly, you will be able to identify the responsible party.

With LeaksID you acquire control over document workflow without any disruption to the normal work process. The parties you share the document with know that the files are protected by a technical solution that reliably identifies the source in case of a leak. This guarantees a safe work environment and the threat of data leaks becomes virtually non-existent.

Start out of the box
Works as easy as regular cloud storage. 

Share documents securely
Share docs with colleagues or employees by emailing a link or printing a copy. Team up with colleagues or work alone.

Track leak source in no time
Identify who leaked your document, even if the leaked fragment is damaged, photographed at an angle, or consist of only a single sentence.
How it works
Every single time a document is opened, emailed, or printed out, it is invisibly marked. The end-user receives a unique copy of this document that is visually indistinguishable from the original.

The LeaksID algorithm will accurately identify the originator of the leak by the unique, invisible marks on the document.

LeaksID is a cloud-based app built with our proprietary technology at its core — the best solution to prevent valuable data leaks via physical copying, such as taking snapshots or printing.

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Николай Клочков
14 января 2022 г.
This is a really good tool for protecting documents with invisible markings.
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