leanAP leverages Google’s tech to automate your Accounts Payable process, allowing a faster, more accurate and visible user experience, speeding data into your ERP for analysis and decision making.
Listing updated:February 7, 2022
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Welcome to the future of Accounts Payable, all using elements of the Google suite!

leanAP takes your existing Accounts Payable process, and allows you to automate it without a major systems or process upheaval. There’s no expensive or confronting training burden to undertake. We’ve built leanAP to allow DIY deployment in hours with the help of our support materials (we offer free help to assist you get up and running if needed, too), not days or weeks.

You may have already moved from paper to emailed invoices, which is a great step forward. However, that’s only scratching the surface of what's possible. 

leanAP enables you to move further forward, by:

- one-touch automatic detachment of invoices from emails coming into your AP inbox;

- automatic renaming of those invoices to include your Vendor code, the date of receipt and subject (so you can then search by any of those elements);

- immediate routing of invoices through to the relevant Approver (who receive an email advising);

- Approvers no longer need to search their email for invoices to approve - nor are burdened with a spreadsheet or other interface that quickly gets out of control. They get a web-accessible Approval Portal, where they can see each invoice for review and it’s status, giving them the ability to approve or reject, online, real time;

- all relevant transactional data gathered including taxes and General Ledger codes, in a form that allows you to easily integrate into your finance system/ERP;

- filing becomes effortless via automation. Invoices are automatically filed as soon as received and then move between leanAP folders (all within your existing google environment) depending where in the workflow each invoice currently is. No more cut/paste. Easily spot problems for action.

- all maintained by your AP team on a single Google Sheet with visibility across the entire workflow!

Your invoices and data remain within your existing Google instance, not shipped elsewhere nor scanned by external software where security and confidentiality compliance need to be periodically reviewed.

We offer a free trial period and simple, invoice-volume based subscriptions after that. Add as many entities, vendors, approvers, currencies, tax rates, general ledger codes...as you like!

leanAP is designed by experienced accountants and technologists who have lived through the pain of process inefficiency and are keen to make things better with what we have.

We hope you like it. Feel free to engage with us.
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