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Write Leanpub books using Google Docs!
Leanpub combines a powerful writing workflow with one-click publishing to an online bookstore that pays great royalties. That means you can update your book with a new chapter or just a typo fix, and with a single click you can publish a new version of your book to the bookstore, and in all your current readers’ libraries.

You can already write Leanpub books using our in-browser “Visual Editor” (which is perfect for novels), or in plain text using your favorite writing tools along with Dropbox, GitHub, Bitbucket, or our Markua in-browser editor.

And now you can also write Leanpub books using Google Docs! Here are some of the more powerful features:

You can create and download new previews of your books in the Leanpub tool, right from Google Docs
You can even publish a new version of your book with the tool, without having to go to your Book Tools menu in Leanpub
You can use Google Docs’ many powerful collaboration features for when you are working with co-authors, copy editors, and anyone else you’re seeking content or comments from
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