Lockmagic is an encryption solution to protect, track, audit and manage access to sensitive emails and files. No passwords to create or share and without software install making it simple to use
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LockMagic is a patented identity-based information security solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing working style and environment to encrypt emails, documents and files where ever they are stored and with whomever they are shared. Easy and Simple to use with this chrome extension.

There are no passwords to share or encryption keys to manage, all you need is the email address of other people you are sharing with. Using your web browser and without installing any software you can:

Email Security:
 - Send secure, encrypted email messages to anyone in the World
 - Learn who, when and where your email messages are read and view it in world map
 - Recall secure messages at anytime
 - Set expiry time to control messages lifetime. 
 - Secure messages are digitally signed and any tampering is detected and reported

 You send secure messages using your gmail account and you will find all messages you send are in your sent items folder. There is no change in the way you work.

 Your recipients are required to sign in using their google account, microsoft account or any other email address by registering in Lockmagic. Once they sign in they will access the email message along with any attachments. They can reply directly from the message. No need to install any additional software to send or open messages.

 You learn when people have accessed your email messages from the Lockmagic events page. You will be able to find out if people are forwarding your emails to others. You can also block access to the entire message at any time. In case you made a mistake by adding unintended content or recipients you still have control to recall the message. In other words, Lockmagic allows you to have read-receipt and recall functions regardless of the recipient email system.

Secure Documents, Files and Folders:-
 - Encrypt files and entire folders stored in gdrive or your local computer
 - Upload encrypted files to gdrive for access, backup or sharing
 - Share encrypted files in gdrive with anyone and without sharing passwords
 - Set expiry time to control sharing period. 
 - Block access to encrypted content at any time.
 - Manage authorized users of encrypted content even if it's shared
 - Learn who, when and where your content is being accessed and view in world map.
 - Access encrypted files from any device and without any additional software
 - Create secure shared workspace or virtual room using gdrive folders
 - Encrypted data is digitally signed and any tampering is detected and reported

  You can protect your files stored in google drive or local computer by encrypting them to control how others are interacting with your content. When you store your important files encrypted and your computer is compromised the attacker will not be able to access your content. Similarly, when you share with others sensitive information you always want to control it. You want to learn when files are being accessed, by whom and from where. You want to be to block specific people or everyone as you see desired. Lockmagic helps you do all of that.

  You can also create a shared folder in google drive and attach a single policy to it. All files uploaded to this folder by your or others using Lockmagic will automatically encrypt the files before uploading and storing in google drive. The process is totally transparent. 

Read more on Lockmagic Web Apps at http://www.lockmagic.com/faq.html

Install the Lockmagic client for Windows and you can even do more. You will be able to define a policy template that will be applied to files transparently under a given local folder tree. The folder tree may be part of your google drive synchronized by the google drive client or an external drive. 

You can also modify encrypted files in-place without having to decrypt, modify and re-encrypt. Simply double-click on an encrypted file and it will open on the appropriate application. Modify the file, save and exit and your updates will be applied to the encrypted file transparently.

The local Windows client comes with an automatic encrypt function that enables users to automatically encrypt specific folders for backup. You can use google drive as a backup store for specific folders in your local machine. You will work as normal and in the background the Lockmagic client will monitor created and updated files and transparently apply the defined encryption policy and store the encrypted files into a second folder that is then synchronized to the google drive cloud by the google drive application.

Install the Lockmagic for Microsoft Office Add-ins for Outlook, Word and Excel. You will be able to send and receive encrypted emails from inside Outlook. Word and Excel plugins allow you to encrypt the entire document and workbook or encrypt only parts of the document and specific spreadsheets.
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Lockmagic for Google Apps will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Lockmagic for Google Apps will need access to your Google account
This will allow Lockmagic for Google Apps to :
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
See and download all your Google Drive files
Send email on your behalf
See and download your contacts
Associate you with your personal info on Google
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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