The best Google Sheets automation tool. Send emails, Slack messages automatically.
Listing updated:November 15, 2023
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Manually doing time-consuming and repetitive tasks every day is frustrating.

Why not automate the boring stuff and find more time in your life?

Learn how to use Logic Sheet to save your time and boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks. Set up a single automation workflow, and let Logic Sheet do the action for you.

You can set up automation workflows to let Logic Sheet send an Email notification or send a Slack message when your spreadsheet is edited. You can also set up workflows that run every hour or every day and check the latest data in your spreadsheets. Or just get notified when a new form is submitted to your Google Sheets.

πŸ€–οΈ What you can do with Logic Sheet Automation:

- ⌚️ Set up triggers that run at a specific time
- πŸ•™ Set up triggers that run at a fixed interval (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly)
- 🌟 Set up triggers that listen to spreadsheet edits
- πŸ₯³ Set up triggers that listen to form submission
- πŸͺ Set up webhooks to trigger automations
- ⁉️ Set up conditions for each automation workflow
- πŸ“§ Send email notification when the automation is triggered
- πŸ’¬ Send a Slack message when the automation is triggered
- πŸ”„ Hard refresh the spreadsheet when the automation is triggered
- πŸ†• Update a spreadsheet by setting a new value or a new formula in a cell
- πŸ’Ύ Add a new record to your Airtable base using values in Google Sheets
- πŸ†• Add a database item into Notion
- πŸ’ Add a subscriber to Mailchimp
- πŸ“‡ Add a contact to HubSpot CRM 
- 🏷️ Use merge tags to refer to dynamic data in your message... more to come as we keep improving the product.

For more information about Logic Sheet, please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact the developer at, I will reply to you in less than 24 hours.

If you have any trouble using Logic Sheet, please take a look at our detailed documentation here:
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