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Letters, envelopes, documents and labels
Mail merge letters, envelopes & labels within Google suite. Create hundreds of personalized letters with the best mail merge add-on for Google Docs and Google Sheets.
Mail Merge Wizard is the best way to mail merge documents within Google Suite. This mail merge add-on lets you send hundreds of personalized letters, create envelopes from a mailing list or merge documents such as snail mail, reports, certificates & more! 
Let the Mail Merge Wizard guide you to create merged documents in Google Docs from a Google Spreadsheet mailing list. Mail Merge can be used as a mail merge add-on for Google Docs or a mail merge add-on from Google Sheets. This is currently a free mail merge add-on. You can create and print as many documents, letters or envelopes as you want.


➤ Save time mailing out hundreds of letters or envelopes at once. Create letters and envelopes without copying and pasting information multiple times. 
➤ Transition to Google Drive easily. Find all the features you were used to in Microsoft Word Mail Merge and Excel. Mail merge in Google Docs is easier to use than MS Word Mail Merge and compensates for lack of a mail merge function in Google Docs & Sheets. No more gymnastics with Word and Excel.
➤ You don’t need any computer skills! Mail merge doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you are looking for an easy mail merge in Google Docs that will let you merge documents in minutes, you’ve found it!


Need a helping hand? Join our Google forum and ask your questions:


You’ll also find useful guides to get started: 
- How to mail merge documents in Google Docs
- How to create a mail merge from a Google Sheets spreadsheet
- What are the different types of mail merge
- How to use merge fields in Google Docs
- How to write bulk letters using mail merge

If you find bugs or have improvements to suggest, share them on the Google forum:


If you enjoy using Mail Merge for Google, please leave us the best constructive review! Your feedback is much appreciated.



Mail Merge lets you create a batch of Google documents that are personalized for each recipient. For example, a form letter might be personalized to address each recipient by name. A data source, like a Google Sheets spreadsheet is associated with the document. Placeholders--called merge fields--tell Google Docs where in the document to include information from the data source. That way, it’s possible to mail merge emails, letters, envelopes or labels.


1. Open Google Docs (
1.Create a template document. For example, create an empty invoice template or a student grade report.
2.Click on the Mail Merge button in the sidebar on the right
3.Choose the document type (letters, envelopes, labels, emails)
4.Select recipients. In the sidebar, choose which spreadsheet you want to pull data from
5.Insert merge fields to personalize each document
6.Generate your documents
7.Download your documents as Docs, PDF or Word


It’s quite the same as mail merging documents from Google Docs. Let’s see how to merge data from Google Sheets to Google Docs: 

1. Open Google Sheets (
2. Click on the Mail Merge button in the sidebar on the right
3. Choose the document you want to merge. Make sure to create a template document beforehand. For example, create an empty invoice template or a student grade report in Google Docs.
4. Choose the document type (letters, envelopes, labels, emails). The recipients will be the people listed in your current tab in Google Sheets.
5. Generate your documents
6. Download your documents as Docs, PDF or Word



Mail merge is currently a free mail merge for Google Docs. 



Mail merge comes with examples of mail merge letters you can use. Here are some templates we are working on:
- Birthday invitation template in Google Docs
- Form letter template in Google Docs
- Resume template in Google Docs
- Annual report template for Google docs
- Certificate template for Google Docs
- Google docs templates for students
- Google docs templates for teachers

If you are looking for more mail merge document templates, please let us know:



You can use Mail Merge app to perform various types of mail merge:
➤  Mail merge Letters: create individual letters or snail mail letters from Google Sheets. Send hundreds of personalized letters and create multiple letters in a single go. Preparing letters in Google Docs from Google Sheets.

➤ Mail merge Form Letters: apply merger name and address onto letters to create multiple letters with different names in Google Docs, or send marketing letters. Create a form letter in Word from Excel data and use it in Google Docs.

➤  Mail merge Individual Letters: generate individual Google Docs with individual filenames, create individualized letters created from a database or mass producing unique letters. Mail merge letters into separate documents.

➤ Mail merge Documents: create customized documents from a Google Sheets spreadsheet, make document writing from spreadsheet data, mail merge appointment forms, mail merge invoices, mail merge certificates, mail merge reports and more!

➤ Mail Merge Envelopes: mass printing envelopes designed in Docs, printing out directly onto envelopes for mailing out greeting and holiday cards.

➤ Mail Merge Labels: mail merge Avery Labels as well as labels from other vendors (Sheetlabels, Onlinelabels, Herma…)



Here are some of the many use cases of the Mail Merge add-on for Google:

★ Education

➤ Teachers parents communication: merge student names and teacher names onto documents, rather than handwriting or typing each one. Compose letters to students and parents, send personalized letters to parents & students. Personalized letters and school forms are a breeze with Mail Merge.
➤ Certificates & Awards: send formulating letters to lots of students, create permission letters for your students, generate certificates at the end of the school year.
➤ Grades Reports, Term Reports or Test Results: outputting exam documents from a large database of questions, answers and rationales.
➤ Application Forms: collect information from students and generate merged letters
➤ Student Details: gather details from your students and generate letters

★ Sales & Marketing

➤ Lead generation report: merges from spreadsheets into documents for mailing letters to prospects and clients
➤ Customer Order Forms, Customer invoices or Contracts: send out large number of letters out to your clients
➤ Brochures and catalog: sending Brochures Upon Request
➤ Labels: print return address labels
➤ Renewal letters: mail renewal letters at once 

★ Human Resources / Administration

➤ Training: Send Training program Invitations or Training Assessments 
➤ Employee management: generate Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Monthly Employee Reporting, Worksheets or Performance Review
➤ Contracts: generate contracts in a simple document
➤  Admin letters: for example, as a receptionist at an accounting firm you could use Mail Merge to send  mass emails and letters

★ Communication

➤ Thank You Letters
➤ Snail emails: sending correspondence via snail mail
➤ Invitations to Events and Webinars
➤ Registration Forms 
➤ Game & Tournament Announcements: sending prize codes to tournament winners down
➤ For clubs & association: send out form letters to your club with information from a Google Sheet
➤ Fundraising letters

★ Events & holidays

➤ Christmas letters and Christmas greeting cards: print out directly onto envelopes for mailing out Christmas card
➤ Thanksgiving cards
➤ New year greeting cards
➤ Wedding invitations: makes addressing your wedding envelopes fast and easy, saves you hours of handwriting envelopes for your relative’s wedding

★ For non-profit organizations: print a lot of envelopes for a non-profit you volunteer for or automate the tedious tasks within your organization thanks to Mail Merge.

★ Donor letters: mail merge letters to donors from your donor spreadsheet, quickly customize hundreds of donor letters! Generate non-profit donor statements or year-end donor letters.

★ Acknowledgement letters: mail merge acknowledgement letters, sending end of year tax acknowledgment letters to membership communications.

And many more...

➤ Send out mass emails/letters to tenants
➤ Use the merge to make a catalogue from a Google sheet
➤ Let your VA merge to documents and emails
➤ Draft letters for supporters…
➤ Mail merge on Chromebook

Our users are:

- Businesses and professionals: large companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs
- Teachers, schools & universities 
- Associations, NGO & clubs
- And also startups, digital marketing agencies or consultancy groups… 


Mail Merge is a popular mail merge add-on available in the Google Workspace Marketplace (formerly G Suite). This tool replaces Microsoft Word Mail Merge, Autocrat Mail Merge, PerformFlow - Form Publisher & Approvals WorkFlow, Form Director, Publigo, Document Studio, Quicklution Mail Merge, Form Publisher, Smartsheet, Gmerge, MergeFactory or Fillable Documents. 

It is a convenient solution for Doc Merge, Docs Merge, Document Merge, Documents Merge, Documerge, Mail Merge, Label Merge, Labels Merge, Email Merge.



Mail Merge is of one the best rated app on the G Suite marketplace among others, such as: SketchUp for Schools, LucidChart Diagrams, BetterCloud, Pear Deck, Lucidpress, BrainPOP, Form Ranger, Awesome Table, AODocs, EasyBib, GAT+, formLimiter, Smartsheet, Doctopus, Hapara Teacher,, SMART Learning Suite, Nearpod, Kami, Mavenlink, Flubaroo, NoodleTools, MindMeister, Form Publisher, MathType, Backupify, Choice Eliminator, EasyBib, Bark, Digication, Cisco Webex, Form Mule, MindMup, SysCloud Security, Screencastify, Spanning Backup, Doc Appender, DocHub, Pixton for Schools,  Wrike, Virtu / Virtru Data Protection, Super Quiz, PowerSchool, JoeZoo Express, gPanel, LumApps, Asana, GQueues, chromebookInventory,, DocuSign eSignature, Easy Accents, Kaizena, Kabanchi, Grackle Docs, Grackle Slides, Power Tools, PlanbookEdu, VoiceThread, Sketchboard, Mindomo, Mojo Helpdesk, Slido, Stupeflix, Certify'em, StackEdit, Colaboratory, GoFileDrop, Drag, PerformFlow, Avery Easy Merge, Avery Label Merge, Foxy Labels, Taskboard, Google Tasks Desktop, OK Goldy, Google Apps Training, Slides Translator, Turnitin Draft Coach, ProjectWork, Math Equations, CoRubrics, Mail Merge, Document Studio, Control Accepting Responses, Mover, s, Publigo, Folgo, Hew Viewer with Drive, Koalendar, Zipbooks, Smallpdf, Magic Rainbow Unicorns, Sedja, Apptivo, Adveronix, Evernote, WhatsApp, Poshmark, Quilgo, PDFfiller, Airtable, OnlyOffice, ScheduleOnce, BeFunky, Photopea, Highlight tool, Clubhouse, Timer + Proctor, Automagical forms, Flat for Education, Presence for Meet, Engrade Pro, Planbook EDU, VoiceThread, OrangeSlide, Blocks, Classroom attendance tracker, Auto-Latex equations, Fluency Tutor, Gradebook, Spell Right, ASSISTments App, Class Reporter, Classroom Share, its learning, Stava Rex, Goobric Web app, Scratch Blocks, SiteMaestro, Tex Equation Editor, ImExClass, Tom Recycler, SAS Writing Reviser, Collabrify Flipbook, G Suite forms Descompta punts, Online Rubric, Problem-Attic import,, CLOZEit, ChromeEx, Pixabay, AutoMastery, Edulastic, Scrible Writer, ClassCraft, Snip, Magic Digital Badges, Quiz banker, Plagiarism Check, Urkund, FormCreator, TemplateTab, Sciwheel, Mergo and more...



Mail Merge is a Google Workspace add-ons that has successfully passed Google’s security review. The add-on requires minimal permissions to run. We do not transfer or sell any personal data. We never save the content of your template, generated documents, Google Sheets or Google Forms’ data.


For our friends around the world, mail merges translates to:  seriendruck | combinar correspondencia | combinación de correspondencia | correos de forma masiva | Stampa unione | e-merge | fusion et publipostage ou envoi groupé d’emails personnalisés à une liste de diffusion | دمج المراسلات | 邮件合并 | מיזוג דואר | 편지 병합  | слияние почты | वीडियो: मेल मर्ज | mailmerge, mail merge gmail, mail merge with attachments, free unlimited mail merge gmail, how to insert first name in mail merge gmail, email studio for gmail, gmail merge limit, g suite mail merge, free bulk email



“This mail merge extension is a life saver! It saves me hours for how many letters and documents I send out on a daily basis.”

“This is ABSOLUTELY essential for anyone working in Education - I can create reports, letters, certificates and include images too. Filling a gap that needs to be a part of Google Docs.”

“Finally, a way to do mailmerge with Google! Easy to use and let me get my fundraising letters done in a minute.”

“Super easy and intuitive to use. I send about 100 letters a day and this makes what used to be a 3 hours task into 5-10 minutes with a click of a button. I can quickly add the correct merge fields into my letter in order to mass send personalized letters. Good work!”

“I've been struggling with using Word for mail merging my letters, whilst running the rest of the business quite happily on Google Docs. Now I can happily integrate the two together. Awesome mail merge extension and excellent support.”

“Looks like this tool is exactly what we need to send letters and emails, this will help us get us fully operating in the cloud. Mail merging was one of the last tasks we did in MS Office up until now that I found this great mail merge option! Everything is web-based, so I can access my documents and perform vital functions from anywhere - even from my cell phone.” 


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riad sso
June 13, 2021
Is this review helpful?
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June 9, 2021
This thing doesn't even work. I was trying to print an envelope, Standard #10 size. It gets all the way to "Select spreadsheet" step and gets stuck on "Sign In" popup.
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Mail merge documents
June 11, 2021
Hi, thanks for using our add-on to print your envelopes. Sorry if your first experience was not perfect with us. Do you have multiple Google accounts by any chance? If so, that might explain why you have troubles opening up the Google Drive file picker. Try logging out from your account and then log back in. We're willing to hear any constructive feedback you might have. If you are reading these lines, please create a post on our Google Forum linked in the description rather than just leaving a bad review. It will help us improve the overall experience of the add-on and we're sure we'll help you achieve your expected results in no time! All the best, Mary
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Airel Robinson
April 22, 2021
c x
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Carody Holt STUDENT
January 27, 2021
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Myra Singh
January 23, 2021
Nice tool to wok on
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Anusha R
January 15, 2021
Has not been able to work on my GSheet for weeks
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Leon Piasecki
April 22, 2021
download it from the actual Google Workspace Marketplace and then get at least four columns. in column one put names in. in column two put emails in three put subject and in column four put message then once you are done, open the addon and make a new template in subject put column 1 in message put the message column in then put column 3 then put your name (email does not matter) then use that template
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William Siebert
January 14, 2021
Thank-You Google, for the convenience and the necessity guide- lines.
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Mike Booke
January 12, 2021
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Chase Fraud Alert
December 23, 2020
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Thomas Larsen
November 25, 2020
It is a great add on, but not very intuitive. I had to check the instructions in order to configure but everything is great now. Thank you!
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