Send mass personalized emails from Gmail™ and Google Sheets™. Mail Merge From Threeups is more secure since it requires less permissions from your Gmail™ account than other mail merge plugins.
Listing updated:July 15, 2023
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Isn't it a hassle to send an e-mail to each recipient by changing only a part of the text of the e-mail?
This add-on makes it easy to send personalized emails all at once.
Simply create a template in Gmail™, create a list of email addresses and names/addresses to be inserted into the template in Google Sheets™, and click the Send button to automatically generate and send personalized emails.

How to use
1. Create an email template
   Open Gmail™ and write an email to send.
   At that time, enter the replacement strings for the parts you want to change for each recipient.
   The replacement string should be written using the following rules.
   {{ + any name for that item + }}
     Dear {{NAME}}
    If you do the above, the name in the NAME column of the spreadsheet you will create later will be automatically inserted when the email is sent.
2. Create a list of recipients.
   Open Google Sheets™ and create a list of recipient email addresses and values to be inserted.
   The top line will be the header line. In the header, enter the email addresses and the replacement string you used when creating the template, one cell at a time.
   The email address column can be any name (e.g., EMAIL). Enter the replacement string without the {{}} characters. If you enter {{NAME}} in the template, enter NAME in the header.
3. Open the Gmail™ Send All menu
   From the menu bar, click [Extensions]->[Gmail™ Simultaneous Sending]->[Start]. 4.
4. send a test email
    After selecting a template, click the "Send Test Email" button to send a test email.
    The test email will be sent to the logged-in user's Gmail™ address based on the first data in the list. 5.
5. send the test email to all Gmail™ users at once.
    Review the contents of the received test email, and if all is well, click [Send].
    For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the following website

Sending Limit
Free Gmail™™ account: 500 messages/day
Google™ Workspace account: 2000 messages/day
For more information on sending limits, please refer to the Gmail™ documentation.

Example of use
- Send order receipt emails. 
- Send out a shipment confirmation emails.
- Send out personalized newsletters at once.

- Mail Merge From Threeups is secure because it requires very few permissions compared to other add-ons.
  Many mail merge add-ons require you to grant permission to read all of your emails, but this add-on does not.
- Mail Merge From Threeups does not send any data externally.

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Mail Merge From Threeups will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Mail Merge From Threeups will need access to your Google account
This will allow Mail Merge From Threeups to :
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
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View your email messages and settings
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