Send HTML emails from google spreadsheet. The formatting for the email is picked up from google doc file.
Listing updated:December 27, 2022
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✔️ Totally free ✔️ No signup ✔️Formatting taken from Doc file ✔️ Free from advertising or branding ✔️ Fully online ✔️ Ideal for marketing

This extension can be added to any sheet. You need to first initialize the sheet and fill in the details. 

The format for the HTML file to be send has to be in a Google DOC file (this has to be done by the user). 
Parameters to be replaced has to added in JSON format under attributes. The same keys present in JSON has to be present in the DOC file (user has to ensure this).

Once 'Send emails' is clicked the key-value pair of the JSON is replaced from the DOC file and send as HTML formatted email. 

🔰 How to make it work : 

1. Send emails by selecting Send Emails.
2. DO NOT delete main and readme sheets.
3. Email, Attribute, Subject and Doc URL cannot be empty.
4. Attribute has to be written in JSON format like, {"Name":"ABCD","Position":"Data Scientist"}.
5. User Details gives details of the current user using the sheet. 
6. Doc URL needs to be URL format (https://) and not the Doc ID. 
7. Make sure that the URL contains /edit. You need this to allow editing of the Doc file.                                      
8. When a email gets send successfully the Status and Timestamp gets updated.
9. Make sure that the keys in Attributes are present in the DOC file, ex: {{Name}} .
10. The JSON keys in Attributes are case-sensitive.
11. Make sure you check the doc file for permissions. Do a test email to your own email and check if you are getting the correct HTML.

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