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Save time on sending up to 2000 emails/day with Gmail ™. Mailmeteor is the best rated and user-friendly mail merge for Google Workspace ™. Simple, affordable and built on privacy-first.
Listing updated:May 10, 2022
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Mailmeteor is the best rated mail merge in Gmail ™ to send personalized mass emails. Mailmeteor lets you send your email marketing campaigns using a Google Sheets ™, right where your mailing list resides, so that each of your recipient get a personalized email.

Simple, privacy-focused, and higher-rated than any similar mail merge tool for Gmail ™, Mailmeteor lets you send 75 emails a day for FREE. Get more emails and access all advanced features by upgrading to Mailmeteor Premium from as low as $4.15 per month. Enterprise plans available. 

➢ Send your first email campaign with Mailmeteor using our guide:
➢ Have a look at all the advanced features (such as Autopilot):

➤ Save time sending emails with Gmail ™. Send mass emails at once without your recipients knowing. Make your contacts feel special.
➤ Make sure your emails land in the Inbox. We maximize your email deliverability and send emails directly from Gmail ™. 
➤ Designed to respect your privacy. Mailmeteor needs only minimal permissions to send emails on your behalf, contrary to most other mail merge add-ons.


Need a helping hand? Check our support center:


You will learn:
⚑ How to mail merge with attachments
⚑ Why it’s not recommend to send emails blast in Gmail ™
⚑ Why are your emails going are going to spam in Gmail ™ and how to avoid it
⚑ How to send bulk emails in Gmail ™
⚑ How to use your Gmail ™contact list to send emails
⚑ How to send individual emails to a group in Gmail ™

And also, everything you need to know before doing a mass mailing in Gmail ™, such as:
⚑ How to send mass emails in Gmail ™
⚑ How to send mass customized emails with Gmail ™
⚑ How to send a mass email without showing addresses in Gmail ™


Here is a quick mail merge tutorial in Gmail ™:

1.Open Google Sheets, then add your contacts. Each column represents a personalized field. Column titles will be used as variables in your email. 
2. Run Mailmeteor by going to the Add-ons menu > Mailmeteor > Open Mailmeteor. Create an email template directly in Mailmeteor. Add variables using double brackets {{firstname}}. Variables must match column titles. 
3. Once you're done setting up the campaign, you're all set to preview and send your mail merge with Gmail ™!

➢ Step-by-step mail merge guide with pictures :


The steps to send emails from Google Sheets ™ are pretty much the same:

1.Open Google Sheets, and fill the document with your recipients data.
2.Launch Mailmeteor by going to the Add-ons menu > Mailmeteor > Open Mailmeteor. Compose a new template and add variables to personalize your emails.
3. Once you're done setting up the campaign, preview your campaign, send a test email to yourself and click send!


Individual and enterprise plans available (from as low as $4 per month for a Yearly license):



Having a .EDU email address? Mailmeteor provides free licenses with up to 500 emails/day, as part of its Education Program. Learn more:




May 9th 2022 - Introducing auto follow-up: our most requested feature is now available. Send email sequences right from Google Sheets has never been so easy. 

March 22th 2022 - Dozens of new features have been made available recently. For example, you can now use fallbacks when personalizing your email, such as "Hi {{ firstname | there }}". The dashboard has also been updated, to make it faster and more intuitive. For example you can select a spreadsheet from the dashboard or filter your emails by opens/clicks.

Oct. 25th 2021 - Mailmeteor is now available as a Cards add-on, the latest generation of add-ons offered by Google™. Access Mailmeteor from your sidebar inside Google Sheets.

Sept. 19th 2021 - Your Mailmeteor dashboard has been updated with enhanced metrics about your campaign success. The application is also much faster.

July 15th 2021 - Define daily limits, throttling & more thanks to our new Autopilot feature. This new functionality is targeting power users (such as growth marketers, sales team, SRD and more) who need to better control their deliverability options.

April 6 2021 - We’ve released a brand new dashboard to give you an overview of your emailing campaigns.

December 3rd 2020 - It’s now possible to add an unsubscribe link in your campaigns.

October 12 2020 - The tracking report is now more accurate and the detection of false-opens has been upgraded.

September 1st 2020 - Speed improvements to make your experience as fast as the speed of light!

July 30th 2020 - Send emails in the background instead of waiting in front of your screen. When sending large volumes of emails, Mailmeteor will take care of everything so that you can focus on other tasks while your emails are being sent.

June 30th 2020 - Mailmeteor now lets you send emails at a later time using the schedule send feature. Define when emails will be sent, sit back, relax and enjoy! 

April 12th 2020 - The tracking report has been improved to let you monitor different campaigns from the same sheet. Click on the arrows to flip through the campaigns. The rest of the add-on has also been improved especially to support Chromebook and CSP policies. 

March 8th 2020 - A brand new UI. Following tons of feedback on usage of Mailmeteor, we've integrated lots of new improvements to the interface. 

January 28th, 2020 - Extended collaboration on the tracking report. You can access the stats of a campaign sent by one of your team members.

December 6th, 2019 - You can now add attachments to your mail merge. We received tons of feedback on how to add a PDF attachment, documents, GIF and images or diagrams and we are pleased to offer that new feature for all paid users.

October 20th, 2019 - Our tracking system has been improved to increase the deliverability of your emails. Performance improvements. The templates will load super fast now!
August 19th, 2019 - If you own another email address, now you can send mail merge from that address! Sending a mail merge from an alias is now easier than ever.

July 15th, 2019 - This new release is focused on performance and reliability. We have updated the add-on to work best with other email clients (including Outlook for Mac). 

July 4th, 2019 - Introduced a delay between emails to improve your Gmail ™ deliverability. Your email will still be delivered quickly with a higher chance to avoid Google filters or API errors.

June 16th, 2019 - New email editor. Mailmeteor now uses the same email editor as Gmail ™. Copy/pasting from Google Docs™ (and others sources) is better supported.

June 1, 2019 - Enhanced sender experience based on your feedback!

May 24, 2019 - Support emojis & images 🥳

May 14, 2019 - You can filter rows or hide rows, Mailmeteor will send emails to visible rows only. It’s pretty useful for follow up campaigns! Improved tracking report with better analytics.

April 11, 2019 - Mailmeteor is now fully approved and verified by Google™. After a 2-months verification process, the Google Workspace Marketplace Review Team approved Mailmeteor to be published officially. We’ve added a beautiful WYSIWYG editor to draft emails in Gsheets.

March 3, 2019 : Onboarding tour is now available to make the interface friendlier and make each one of you a professional sender. Mailmeteor is now a complete Email studio for Gmail™.

January 15, 2019 : Added support for cc, bcc recipients. Also added the functionality to preview emails before sending them to avoid any mail merge mistakes in the personalized variables.

January 7, 2019 - birth date : Introducing Mailmeteor, a simple, affordable, privacy-first solution to mail merge in Gmail ™. 


Mailmeteor turns Gmail in a complete email marketing solution:

✪ Mail Merge for Gmail ™ that lets you send individual emails to a group in Gmail ™
✪ Mass mailer for Gmail ™  that send mass emails in Gmail ™
✪ Mail tracker for Gmail ™ to track your emails in real time
✪ Newsletter in Gmail ™ to send news letters with your latest products, promotion, discount, coupon, reports, polls. 
✪ Send bulk emails from Gmail ™ to your clients, partners or prospects, whether you are part of a large enterprise or running a small business (marketplace, ecommerce...) 
✪ Mail merge with attachments, send individual or customized files in your emails


You can use Mailmeteor in many different ways, some use cases:

➤ Sales & Marketing: Run efficient cold emailing & follow-up campaigns to drive new leads.
➤ PR: easily reach out to journalists or influencers.
➤ HR: communicate with your employees on a personal level at scale
➤ Education: Mailmeteor is a great email solution for teachers. Send grades or assignments to your pupils at the end of the semester. Communicate with parents. Note: Mailmeteor can be used in combination with Education software
➤ Email No Code: send personalized emails right from Gmail without a single line of code!
➤ Events: Inviting people to an event (webinar, wedding, job-dating, fair, conference, meetup...) and getting answers from a large list of guests and invitees. 
➤ Job hunt: apply to many job offers at once & track the status of your application, like a task manager.
➤ Holidays Greetings at different periods of the year (happy new year, NY's eve wishes, birthdays, holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, secret Santa or Christmas holiday).
➤ Address personalized thank-you emails to HR recruiters, crowdfunding supports, Product Hunt upvoters, business angels, friend & family.
➤ COVID: Mailmeteor is currently being used by organizations to quickly send email updates to employees who are working from home during the Coronavirus crisis.


➼ Small businesses to large companies, entrepreneurs, makers & indiehackers in need of a simple inbound & outbound mass email service to contact prospects and potential new clients. 
➼ Startups, digital marketing agencies and consultancy groups looking for the best email outreach solution
➼ Teachers, schools, colleges & universities who want to send courses, assignment & exams grades to their students at the end of the school week, month or semester. Manage university student admissions and  your college administrative tasks with our mass emailing service.
➼ Associations, NGO, nonprofits & clubs to manage new applications, promote a contest, a fundraising, call for project, interacting with their crew, communicate with their database of members.
➼ Businesses and professionals of all kinds looking to send payment reminder to a list of clients based on the unpaid status of their invoices.
➼ Real estate agents & realtors who want to grow their business
➼ Hotels owners who want to communicate the value of their hotel directly with your guests, before, during, and after their stay
➼ Churches who need to help the pastor, the elders and their teams reach out to current and potential church members with a simple mail merge extension.
➼ Restaurants, Cafés and Bars looking for cost effective ways of engaging customers, increasing sales and customer loyalty.



Mailmeteor is not just another mail merge:

★ Mailmeteor is the best free mail merge for Gmail ™. Mailmeteor offers twice more free quota than other mail merge tools to send batch personalized emails. Send up to 75 emails a day for free and track openings & clicks rates with the built-in mailtrack function. 
★ Affordable pricing options from $4 per month per user, if you just need a cheap mail merge solution to send personalized emails campaigns. Mailmeteor is a great place to start if you need a free unlimited mail merge for Gmail ™.
★ Mailmeteor is a verified Google™ mail merge add-on that ensures your privacy remains protected at all times. It requires the lowest permissions needed to run. Contrary to most mail merge add-ons, Mailmeteor does not request to read your inbox or Drive ™ folder.

Mailmeteor is a popular choice for email marketing in the Google Workspace ™. Some CRM for G Suite ™ offer mail merge features. However, you may just need a simpler solution to send mass personalized emails from Gmail ™ or maybe you’re just looking for the cheapest G Suite ™ mail merge software rather than costly and complex marketing tools.

Mailmeteor also helps you transition to the Google ™ suite easily, if you’re a long time user of Outlook mail merge and Microsoft Word mail merge, you won’t get lost.

You may wonder what makes Mailmeteor better than other email marketing solutions? These might be heavy and costly solutions whereas you just need a tool to send newsletters with Gmail. Make your recipients feel like emails were written by hand, only for them with Mailmeteor. 

Mailmeteor can be combined with other services to make it even more powerful: 
➥ Gather emails from Typeform or Google Forms ™ notifications into a Gsheet by connecting them with Zapier. Then you can send a personalized email campaign to these people with Mail meteor. To ensure your email is perfect, use Grammarly or Merci App to check misspelling.
➥ Use Mailmeteor to distribute personalized Calendly, Koalendar, Twitch or Zoom links to schedule a meeting, a conference call or a live stream. Way better time management! 
➥ Interact with a service like Shopify or Prestashop clients to follow-up on their order, collect reviews or send an invoice. 



We are working hard to improve Mailmeteor, here are some of the features we are considering for the next versions of Mailmeteor:
✓ Email follow up in Gmail ™ to help you send email sequences in Gmail ™
✓ Email Notifications for Google Forms ™ to send Forms response notification to your respondents
✓ Insert links as variable using the HYPERLINK function
✓ Gmail ™ warmup service to raise your email reputation and stop landing in spam
✓ CRM for G Suite ™ to manage sales & customer relationships directly inside the Google Suite ™

Suggest a missing feature:


Mailmeteor complies with privacy laws (especially GDPR) to protect your data. Learn more about how we respect your privacy in our Privacy Policy.



Can you do a mail merge in Gmail ™?
There are two ways to mail merge in Gmail ™. The first is by using a Google ™ add-on that will do everything for you, and the second is to create your own mail merge script within Gmail ™. Learn more:

Is Gmail ™ mail merge free?
Most mail merge add-ons for Gmail ™ offer a free version with paid features. Mailmeteor lets you send up to 75 emails per day for free.

How do I do a mail merge from Excel to Gmail ™?
To mail merge from Excel to Gmail ™, import your Excel spreadsheet to Google Drive ™. Once converted to a Google Sheets ™ document, use Mailmeteor to mail merge emails between your spreadsheet and Gmail ™.

How do I send a personalized mass email in Gmail ™?
Without ever leaving your Gmail ™ inbox, you can use Mailmeteor to quickly send personalized mass emails to your list of contacts. Just write your emails, personalize your mass emails based on your recipient, and hit the send button.


TWITTER: @mailmeteor 
Additional information
PricingPaid with free features
Privacy policy
Terms of service
Mailmeteor for Gmail ™ will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Mailmeteor for Gmail ™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow Mailmeteor for Gmail ™ to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Send email on your behalf
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Connect to an external service
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
August 18, 2019
Really can't recommend highly enough. Truly well done.
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
August 23, 2019
So far Mailmeteor has been reliable and easy to use. The main advantage of Mailmeteor is the use of "real" templates instead of using draft emails as templates like other mail merge addons we've used. As we usually have a large number of emails in our draft folders the "template" drafts were sometimes accidentally deleted. Mailmeteor has solved that issue.
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
September 3, 2019
Probably the best mail merge add-on I've tested so far, simple and really affordable compared to the time saved.
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
August 18, 2019
Very efficient, very intuitive, and easy to use. Great looking interface too. I highly recommend.
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
May 22, 2019
Lovely interface animation, makes the whole sending experience really smooth.
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
September 9, 2019
why can't I remove it?!
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
August 7, 2019
Super easy to use!
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
September 5, 2019
Mailmeteor is the best. Saved me SO much time from sending group emails manually. The tracking feature is an amazing plus. Highly recommend
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A User of Mailmeteor for Gmail ™
August 18, 2019
Highly recommend!
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Md. Didarul Alam
June 23, 2019
Awesome interface
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