A privacy-first mail-merge facility to send personalized mails. Save time on sending emails through Gmail. Email multiple recipients at once, track emails for open rates.
Works with:
MailSprout lets you send mail merge campaigns so that every of your recipients get a personalized email. And lets you track and manage your campaigns easily for FREE. 
Send 100 emails per day for FREE. 

➤ Email a lot of people quickly
➤ Send personalized mails
➤ Track your emails sent 
➤ Increase your answer rate dramatically


1. Add contacts in Gsheets. Open Google Sheets, and fill your sheet with recipient’s data. Each column represents a personalized field. Column titles will be used as variables in your email. Add email address to 1st column of the sheet.
2. Run MailSprout by going to the Add-ons menu > MailSprout > Open MailSprout. Create an email template directly in MailSprout interface. Add variables using double parenthesis like this: {{name}}. Variables must match column titles. 
3. Once you're done setting up the campaign, you're all set to preview, receive a test email and send!


You can use MailSprout in many different ways, some use cases:

➤ Send bulk emails to your clients, partners or prospects.
➤ Newsletters for latest products, features, promotion, discount, coupon, news, reports, metrics, polls. 
➤ Run efficient cold emailing or follow-up campaigns to drive & generate new leads, for sales people. 
➤ Send and manage Public Relations campaigns.
➤ Send out greetings for occasions like festivals, birthdays etc.
➤ Sending invites to events. 
➤ Job hunt: apply to many job offers at once and track the status of your application.
➤ Address personalized thank-you emails.

WEBSITE: https://mailsprout.simplydonelabs.com
Contact: mailsprout-support@simplydonelabs.com
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