Enables the synchronization of your email signatures and marketing-banners with the Mailtastic platform.
Looking for the final solution for your company’s email signatures? Welcome to Mailtastic!

Mailtastic is a web tool that allows you to ... 

 centrally manage your company’s email signatures and 
 turn them into a strong marketing channel by adding targeted marketing campaigns

Want some details?


➤ Set Up Professional Signatures
You don’t have to be a html professional: Simply use our wysiwyg signature editor or prepared templates, to set up a professional, ci conform email signature for all employees in a few minutes. Use photos, logos, social media icons, colors, graphics and more, to create a beautiful email signature to impress your audience and create brand awareness! Simply style the signature framework with data placeholders and Mailtastic uses your g suite employee data or another source to generates an individual signature for each employee. Missing information in your data? No Problem! You can allow your employees to add certain information themselves.

➤ Organize Signatures For All Departments And Brands
Import your employees from g suite or any other source and organize them in departments like sales, HR, marketing, etc or simply use your organisational units’ structure. Assign the signature to the departments whose employees should display the signature in their emails.If you want to, add a Mailtastic marketing banner!

➤ Deliver Signatures In Seconds
The signature of every employee is automatically pushed into his gmail account and appears as soon as an email is written. Without bothering your colleagues. Don’t use gmail to send mails? No problem! Simply use one of our integrations for different mail systems.

➤ Manage Signatures With Minimal Effort
Sometime some information changes. Simply adjust the signature, employee- or company information and push it to all concerned employees. The signatures updates automatically. If for some reason you want your employees to manually integrate the signatures, you have the possibility to check whether the colleagues have integrated the signatures correctly or not at any time.

Note: Mailtastic signatures can be used in any environment where html signatures can be used. Maybe you want to use it in some auto mails?


➤ Generate Attention
Every day your employees are in contact with your target group – using emails. Use this personal 1:1 conversations and add relevant marketing content to deliver benefits for your target group and excite it for your products, events, news and other topics.

➤ Set Up Campaigns
Mailtastic allows you to display marketing banners within the email signature of each employee. In combination with a signature or all alone. Set up a signature campaign in a minute: Upload an engaging marketing banner with a clear message, link it to a website and assign the campaign to the departments whose employees should display the marketing content in their emails. Every time you set up or change a campaign for a department the correct banner ist instantly switched globally. When someone opens an old email from you, the most recent banner is usually displayed.

➤ Value Results
What are campaigns without the possibility to evaluate them? Wasted time! Mailtastic provides a bunch of possibilities to measure the performance of your campaigns (impressions, clicks, click rate) and departments! You can examine specific time segments of certain campaigns and compare the performance of several campaigns. The next step is to take a look behind the bare numbers...

➤ Collect User Insights
If a campaign doesn’t perform it can have different reasons: The message is not clear, you’re targeting the wrong audience or the topic is simply not interesting for your target group. You can react in seconds and easily update the campaign banner with a few clicks and explore what your target group is interested in!


“For us as an international b2b company our signatures are an important touchpoint with our customers. Thanks to Mailtastic's professional service we now strengthen our brand with every email and place the proper content.” 
- Christian Weisbrodt, Marketing Director Basware GmbH

“I didn't expect that our customers would address the signature Mailtastic realised for us this frequently. For us it was worth it. We're a satisfied customer and we celebrate our signatures everyday.” 
Nicole Bayrak, Agency Management BerlinFive GmbH

“As europe's leading direct seller for binding, lamination and presentation in b2b business, we communicate a lot via e-mail and with Mailtastic we generate additional revenue.” 
Martin Schulte, CMO / Head of Marketing Swedex GmbH & Co. KG


Have questions or comments about Mailtastic? We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to us at hello@mailtastic.com

Start with a free trial, sign in with your Google account and experience the advantages of integrations with G Suite!
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