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A Google Sheets Add-on to get stock dividends
A Google Spreadsheets Add-on to get the dividends for a stock listed in the US Markets based on a start date and end date.

You can use the add-on by simply calling the following function in your sheet:

=DIVIDENDS(stock, startDate, endDate)

where stock is a valid stock ticker of the US market, start date is a date in the past five years and end date is a day in the past five years that is greater than the start date.

The function will return the sum of dividends the stock has paid to its shareholders between the start and end date. For example, if stock A has paid two dividends in the past year, one of $0.5 and another of $0.3, the function will return $0.8.
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A User of Market Intelligence | Stock Dividends
January 18, 2019
This would be a reasonably good tool... If it worked. The problem is, it only pulls the latest dividend. It doesn't work the way the developer describes it: that if you put in a start- and end-date, it will find all the dividends in that period. It can only publish the latest dividend amount. That's nice, but I need the full year's total dividends for what I'm doing. Nice so far, but it needs work.
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