Google Sheets fuzzy match add-on by MatchKraft. MatchKraft helps businesses match similar company names automatically using state-of-the-art algorithms.
Listing updated:October 13, 2023
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MatchKraft intelligent software fuzzy matches company names in the cloud (no installation required).

Fuzzy matching company names is a time-consuming activity. No problem, Matchkraft is here to automate fuzzy matching for you.

Matchkraft offers two types of jobs:


Find duplicated company names on a single list. The final result is a mapping of similar company names found on the input list. Our algorithm automatically creates clusters of company names. A cluster name is selected based on the most representative company name.


Matchkraft fuzzy matches company names across two data sources or two lists.  Use our algorithm to get exact and similar company name matches. One record may point towards multiple company names.

MatchKraft has many use cases:
1) Lead-to-account matching in any CRM
2) Normalize company names
3) Clean company names data 


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