Extract Emails, Hangout Chats, Calendar Notifications and other messages to Google Sheets. Automatically split content to columns.
Listing updated:December 4, 2023
Works with:
Visualize your GMail conversations in Sheets.
Extract | Date | Time | From | To | Subject | Body | of defined messages (every hour).

Start to back up your GMail! 
Stop wasting time manually extracting information!
Upgrade your GMail to the next level...

Use your individual GMail search filter, by adding "All Mail} yourfiltertext {" to the filter text at <MAXset> column Folder. Exapmles:
All Mail} has:drive {
All Mail} has:document {
All Mail} has:spreadsheet {
All Mail} has:presentation {
All Mail} has:youtube {
All Mail} has:userlabels {
All Mail} has:nouserlabels {
All Mail} filename:pdf {
All Mail} is:chat {
All Mail} is:unread {
All Mail} is:read {
All Mail} after:2016/12/31 {
All Mail} before:2016/12/31 {
All Mail} older_than:2y {
All Mail} newer_than:2y {
All Mail} larger:10MB {
All Mail} smaller:10MB {
All Mail} l:^unsub {
All Mail} l:^os {

All our Add-ons are free of charge with full functionality. 
We do have upgrading options though.
For MAX you can increase the amount of processable emails per cycle.
Just get in contact with us for more details.

Submit your EMail address at: https://www.MaintainApplication.com/promotion
Enter Promotion Keyword: MAX
Instantly receive a Lisence Key to process 45 emails per cycle

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MAX | MAil eXtractor will need access to your Google account
This will allow MAX | MAil eXtractor to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
Read, compose, and send emails from your Gmail account
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
Associate you with your personal info on Google
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James J. Matles
March 25, 2022
Concatenates lists instead of outputting it as CSV. I cannot find documentation to help fix the error, clicking the support link on this app page brings you to feedback, and the FAQ doesn't address MAX. It is so close to what I was looking for...
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Michael Abiodun
July 11, 2021
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