Turn your Slides into an interactive branching presentation, chatbot, role-plays, quizzes, games, homework exercises and more. Add a timer, points, choices, decision paths with different outcomes! !
Listing updated:July 8, 2022
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Turn your Slides into an interactive branching presentation with Mazetec. 
* Add choices to your slides that your audience navigates from their phone. 
* Add a timer and points to show the cost and impact of decisions.
* Play it live with a group or send out solo. 

Originally built for training on how to respond to a mental health crisis, Mazetec captures the attention of busy multitasking students on the go and in the classroom and focuses them on your content.

Choices force people to stop and think about your content, add choices to your slides with Mazetec.

Play with a class or a group. Students join your presentation from their device. You see their choices live, who is on tab, and who hasn't responded. As you (the presenter) move forward all of the student screens are synchronized with your choice.

Create solo / asynchronous activities that students play on their own with a link.

Try the Open Choice feature to capture your class's questions on each slide.  Their questions create branches in the presentation that you can respond to and students can review asynchronous later with a link.  Learn more https://www.mazetec.org/hybrid-teaching/

Setup instructions: https://www.mazetec.org/article/google-slides-mazetec/

- Turn any presentation into a role play, game, quiz, or simulations with branching, points, time, and more. 
- Empower and engage with interactive branching, open ended choices, polling, forms, gamified activities and more! Create interactive questions that lead to other slides or forms.   
- Collaborate with colleagues on branching, content, choices, and more
- Game mechanics to prompt pressure or strategy
- Use it live with a group or individual activity/ exam
- Works with Zoom, Teams, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, and other integrations

So many easy-to-use features for a dynamic experience your learners will love! 

- Add interactive branching choices to your slides and connect choices to consequences or slides 
- Add points and time rewards or penalties, limit the time, limit their points
- Create a race against the clock by limiting the time.
       - Subtract more time for bad decisions
       - Add time for good decisions
- Starting the learner with $100 and subtract $10 for each wrong decision and add $10 for each right decision.  Link decisions to other slides or consequence nodes with choices. The user will restart if they fail before they pass.
- Pipe choices forward 
- Create surveys and opened questions

* Used by Top Universities! Engaged Learners!  Amazing Feedback! * 
- Teach and test simultaneously by challenging learners to use what they know to navigate simulations you design.
- Mobile ready and engineered for low bandwidth.

*How does Mazetec integrate with Google Slides™?*
1. Bring your slides into Mazetec with the Google Slides™ plugin.
2. Enhance your presentation with branching choices and your own point system in just a few clicks!
3. Present or share with a link! And review your data!

- Branch slides
      o  Create "right" and "wrong" decision paths for a dynamic real-world.
      o  Pipe choices forward to the next slide for a customised experience
      o  Crowd source choices
- Consequences - Link to pitfalls, hints, and warnings.
- Gamify - Define time and decision point values.
      o Build up pressures that can make real-life decisions more difficult - in 
         just a few clicks.
- Collaborate - invite and build with colleagues.
- Surveys - Capture feedback with Surveys.
- Analytics - see all the data and the user’s experience

* Branching *
- Build branching presentations with interactive questions and choices
    o Add choices to your slide
    o Assign points to choices
    o Crowdsource choices from users
    o Add crowdsourced choices right in the slide
    o Pipe answers forward
    o so much more!

* Gamification *
- Gamify with points and time
    o Simulate real-world pressures. 
    o Show the impact of why decisions matter. 
    o Adding points or time penalties or bonuses.
    o Create your own points or credit system
    o Assign penalties and bonuses to choices!

* Access Control *
- Advanced link and access controls! 
    o Play live with a group
         1. See live data
         2. Download attendance list and scores
    o Create asynchronously links too
         1. Limit access with passwords, dates, and more!

* Analytics *
- Tons of data!
     o Create custom reports to visually compare and categorise how people 
        react under pressure in different scenarios and see people improve their 
        decisions across multiple attempts.
     o Discover the choices that move people forward.
     o Lots of analytics are available
     o See when and where users leave the tab
     o See every choice made by your users
     o Crowd source choices with open-choices
     o Visually compare performance under pressure
     o See people improve decisions over time
     o Customise your analytics dashboard
     o Create custom visualisations
     o Review survey results


When you’re ready, be sure to click “Present” in Mazetec. Students will join your Mazetec Session from any device in a web browser. Simply direct your students to your presentation link and enter their code. As you advance your slides, students will automatically sync with your screen, on each slide students will be prompted to answer your questions and their answers will appear on your instructor dashboard in real time!

- Show anonymous responses on the screen
- Give students a safe way to practice decisions and discuss the outcomes
- Students respond to questions from their own devices in class or remotely
- Async with a link for self-paced in class or at home.
- Capture name and email or let students play anonymously

 For more information about Mazetec, visit  www.mazetec.org
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Profile Picture
February 1, 2022
Awesome, Just loved the application. I'm looking for something similar to this. I can convert my google slides to branching maze. I can set a timer and also assign a point to it and give it to my student. I can take a test of my student and I can track by which path my students completed a maze. I can see how much time they took to complete the test and how many points they get. I can also present my google slide to my student and along with that, they can play it. At the last, we get the leaderboard which is really nice to create a competitive environment. I would recommend this app to all.
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Profile Picture
Gabriel Bietz
February 6, 2022
I enjoy using this application for teaching students. It’s great for on-line course creation. It loads very fast. Very easy to learn. Features are very intuitive. The data collection and analytics provided amazing feedback. My course creating skills to evolved very fast.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alauna Safarpour
February 1, 2022
Extremely useful app- you can use it for branching scenario presentations, but it's also super useful for preparing Q and A slides, test preparation slides, and self guided learning slide decks. No bugs either, totally hassle free and useful, would definitely recommend!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Mazetec for Google Slides™
January 25, 2022
Really useful application to create scenario-based learning and quizzes from my slide. The feature which I like is I can create scenarios from my slide and I can present it. They are also providing analytics for all the play which is just awesome.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Severin Hawn
September 8, 2022
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Seth Williams
February 1, 2022
Use it for enrichment in my classes. Have used to create scavenger hunts as well as a couple social emotional learning activities. Lots of potential.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Dan Bietz
January 25, 2022
Perfect for branching my slides with choices and points so the slides we use in class can be reused as a game with points or a quiz. And in the analytics, you can see every time a student goes off-tab (i.e. when they are looking something up on a different tab), which is exactly what we've been looking for when turning our slides into quizzes.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Dave Coleman
February 2, 2022
Elegant solution to branching presentations
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