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Know the availability of meeting rooms in real-time
MeetingRule helps you optimize the conference-room space for your company. 

It automatically schedules meetings based on your Google Calendar. And helps you save the hassle of manual work. MeetingRule shows the real-time availability of conference rooms. Therefore, it lets employees reserve a room when they need it.
How MeetingRule Helps You? 

*    Updates availability of a meeting space automatically for spontaneous collaboration
*    Allows employees to make reservations while increasing productivity 
*    Removes virtual bookings and create space for others. 
*    Integrates with meeting-room display sensors and beacons to work as your control panel. 
*    Seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar to schedule meetings automatically. 
*    Offers a flat rate of $24.99/month for unlimited devices and spaces 

Arrange Meetings with Ease 

When MeetingRule takes control of the conference rooms, you can stay stress-free. Whenever you need a place, check availability on your MeetingRule dashboard. Suppose there is no space open for you to occupy. Then wait for a meeting to end. Reserve your appointment in a specific conference room, and save your time. If you use Google Calendar, MeetingRule will sync with it. And let you reserve your meeting spot before you know it. 

Avoid Ghost Meetings 

Before starting a meeting, MeetingRule displays a Check-in confirmation. It's to verify that the members are present at the meeting. If everyone skips, MeetingRule will release the booking. And will make space for others to reserve a spot. 
End Meetings Early 

Unlike the Google Calendar, MeetingRule lets you tap and end meetings soon. When you finish the meeting, this app updates the availability in real-time. It allows others to occupy the space when a session ends early. 

MeetingRule for Everyone 

We want to help you create a seamless collaboration with MeetingRule. Enjoy MeetingRule for unlimited devices and spaces for only $24.99/month. A whole company can utilize its space with this fantastic application. Integrate it with all meeting room display and use it on your devices. Stay productive, always! 
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