Easily view the details of your next meeting, or any meeting selected + capture and track meeting notes and action items.
Listing updated:March 2, 2022
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Always wondering what or when is your next meeting? Not anymore!

The Meetric calendar add-on is the missing thing in Google Calendar: it automatically shows your NEXT meeting with the most important details:
- Name
- Time
- Location
- Guests commitment
- Agenda
- Link to the meeting notes/minutes (no account creation needed)

You can also select any meetings in your calendar and the add-on will show you the most important details of it + a link to the meeting notes/minutes for you to use.

Meetric features:
✍️ Capture and keep track of meeting minutes, notes, tasks.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Collaborate in real-time on the agenda & the notes with other guests.
📜 Find any meeting notes & decisions from past meetings.
✅ Assign tasks to yourself and others in the meeting.
⌛ Keep track of time with our meeting timer.

Common Questions & Answers:

What's Meetric?
Meetric is a tool to have more effective meetings. From easily preparing an agenda, capturing meeting minutes and tracking the completion of actions discussed in meetings, Meetric ensures nothing gets lost and meetings don't become a pain. Here's a full demo: https://www.loom.com/share/00e79f26b0a9494c81d207a06d67a29d

How is my data secure?
First, none of your calendar information is saved without your permission, and even with it, we only store information for the events you've captured notes in. Second, any information recorded is secured with RSA 2048-bit encryption. Third, our server infrastructure is built upon AWS and its cloud security.

Is Meetric for teams or individuals?
Either! You can use Meetric on your own for all your calls and meetings. Or use it with the whole team.

How is it better than taking notes in Google Docs or Apple Notes?
Traditional note-taking tools were never built with meetings in mind. Meetric automatically links your notes with the events in your calendar, to show you instantly what was discussed in your last 1:1 or weekly customer call. Also, it gives your meetings superpowers: collaborative agenda, time tracker, next step reminders, and more!

Do you integrate with video conferencing tools?
Yes if it's web-based and you use Chrome. Our Chrome extension enables you to use Meetric in any web-based video conferencing tool.

How much does Meetric cost?
You can use Meetric for free as long as you want or upgrade to Meetric Pro for just the price of a coffee per month.

Access all your meeting notes directly within Google Calendar with Meetric calendar add-on: capture notes and actions from any meetings within your browser and collaborate live with the other guests in the meeting (just like Google Docs).

Actionable meeting notes, automatically organised and connected to your calendar.

- Meeting minutes: Structured or chaotic. Collaborative or solo. Shared or private. Capture notes your way.
- Meeting history: Decisions from last meeting? Notes from last customer call? Actions from last 1:1? Find the info in seconds.
- Meeting actions: Clear next steps for everyone. Reminded when needed. Organised in one place. No more actions lost in limbo.
- Meeting timer: Start on time. Finish on time. Take a breather. Don't run over & ruin your day.

That is why one of the top must-haves for Workspace is Meetric’s add-on. It automatically shows your next meeting with the most important details. Information like name, time, location, guests, agenda, and a link to meeting notes are all made visible with one simple click. 

Furthermore, the add-on leads into a note-taking interface. What makes this from other note-taking apps is that Meetric was specally built with meetings in mind. This means that you can take actionable meeting notes and even assign tasks to each team member. Furthermore, Meetric integrates with Google Meet, so you don’t have to switch windows when taking minutes. 

Without Meetric: Lack preparation. Stay indecisive. Run overtime. Lose past notes. Drop the ball.

With Meetric: Create shared agenda. Decide next steps. Finish on time. Find notes in seconds. Get things done.

Leveraging Google API, AWS & RSA 2048-bit encryption, your information is safe.
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