Turn emails into tasks and automatically insert them in the project and section of your choice.
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MeisterTask for Gmail is a free add-on that connects your inbox with your MeisterTask account. Once you’ve installed and authorized the add-on, it appears in Gmail’s sidebar whenever you open an email.

To use the add-on, simply click on the MeisterTask icon. Choose which project and section the email should be added to, then click ‘Create Task’.

The subject line of the email will be turned into the task title, while the body of the email will be added to the task in the form of notes. You can modify both right inside the add-on if you like.

Your email instantly appears as a task in the project board you’ve chosen. To visit MeisterTask and edit the task further, click on ‘View Task’. This opens the task dialog, where you can add an assignee, due date, checklist items, tags and much more.

Note: This add-on requires a MeisterTask account. MeisterTask offers a free “Basic” plan with 3 projects, unlimited tasks and collaborators. The “Pro” plan is available for 7.50$ per user/month, offers unlimited projects,  integrations and automations as well as access to the statistics and reports area.
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