Combine Google sheets based on common columns.
Listing updated:March 26, 2024
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Five simple steps of Merge Sheets will guide you through the process of joining data from multiple tables. You no longer need to waste your time on building complex VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH formulas or copy-pasting data manually to join the sheets.

If you have at least one common column in all tables, e.g. product ID, the add-on will update current values for the same records and/or insert all the missing information.


  • Update existing values (e.g. replace old prices with new ones)
  • Update all or only empty and new cells
  • Bring only non-blank cells from the lookup sheets
  • Pull additional columns with new records (e.g. add a column with discounts)
  • Add non-matching and/or extra matching rows to the main sheet

The tool quickly matches key columns and finds all the necessary updates, no vlookup formulas needed.

  - highlight them with colors
  - identify in a status column
  - clear the existing coloring

Whatever options you choose, you will be able to save them into scenarios and reuse swiftly later.

Use Merge Sheets whenever you need to merge two or more tables and draw the latest changes to the main one.

Fully functional 30-day trial period. All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions about the add-on, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist!

Merge Sheets is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of Google Workspace. Visit our official website to learn more:
***** V2.0 (12 December 2022) *****
★ New features ★
- Insert additional matching rows. If there are several matching rows for the same key value, the add-on will not only update the first record but also add those extra matching rows right afterward or at the end of the entire table.

- You can now merge multiple lookup sheets with your main sheet in one go.
- It's also now possible to look for the files in the folder with Starred items of your Drive.
- If your lookup sheet has notes, the add-on pulls them along with the values into corresponding cells.
- The limit for total cells in a spreadsheet is expanded to 10 million cells.
- UX and UI improvements.

- If you chose to back up the sheet & clear fill colors in the updated columns, the add-on cleared colors first and created a backup sheet without them.
- If the last column in your main sheet had Data validation rules, they used to be applied to the newly inserted columns from the lookup sheet.
- Didn't match records due to the different space symbols: regular, non-breaking, narrow.
- Couldn't locate spreadsheets in Drive if your search name started with an apostrophe.
- Didn't match dates between the files with different time zones.
- The add-on couldn't paste data into the file without a set time zone.

***** V1.11 (18 October 2021) *****
- Significant performance improvements in processing large amounts of data.
- Minor UX improvements.

- The 'Create a new spreadsheet' option updated the main table with the result instead.
- Scenarios:
    1. When you changed the lookup sheet in the scenario, it still used the sheet that was saved in the scenario initially.
    2. Running scenarios twice in a row simply duplicated the master sheet.
    3. Scenarios didn't work if the second spreadsheet used in the scenarios was removed from Drive.

***** V1.10 (5 May 2021) *****
- Since you can add spreadsheets to merge from Drive, we made it possible to start the add-on even if there's one sheet in the file.
- Auto select the entire range by clicking the gray rectangle between column and row headers.
- The width of the status column now expands automatically to fit its contents.
- The scenarios menu changed a bit: instead of 2 separate menus to 'Run' and 'View & manage', you will see a list of all saved scenarios under the corresponding menu item. Pick the scenario you need, and you'll be able to start or edit it.
- Minor UX improvements.

- Added only up to 10 files from Shared Drive.
- Step2 didn't load if the add-on was run from a file with one sheet with hidden columns.
- Errored if your 'Data validation' rules prevented the tool from editing the cells.
- The 'Auto detect' button didn't revert matching columns to their default state after picking them manually.
- Scenarios:
    1. Couldn't save scenarios if options for your table headers were selected on Step3.
    2. Didn't work right after making changes to scenario settings in the 'View & manage scenario' menu.
    3. Didn't work if run on the sheet with blank headers.
- Didn't change the name of the main sheet if the add-on was started from a Chart sheet.
- Minor UX and UI fixes.

***** V1.9 *****
★ New features ★
- Merge sheets from different spreadsheets. Your lookup table doesn't have to be in the same spreadsheet as your main table anymore. You can select any file from your Drive on the second step and pick any sheet in it as a lookup one.

- Decide where to place the result. The related option on the last step offers not only to update your main table but also out the outcome to a new spreadsheet.
- UX: auto-select behaviour. Now the add-on highlights only the table where your cursor stands rather than an entire used range.
- UI: images as hints are added. These schemes show how certain settings work. Each option has an "i" button next to its name. Click on it to open a related scheme within the add-on.
- UI: minor text alignment changes in some messages.

- The lookup range loaded too long if A1 cell was hidden/filtered.

***** V1.8 *****
★ New features ★
- Scenarios. Save the options you use most often and give this set a name – this is your scenario. Once you run it, your data will be processed right away, and you won't need to go over the same steps again.
- Match case. Consider records in key columns as matching only if they are written in the same text case.
- Increased cell limit support. Now you can merge data till hitting the limit of 5 million cells per a spreadsheet.
- If Data validation rules are violated on your sheet, the add-on now explains what cells interfere with its work.
- Couldn't select a lookup sheet if the main sheet is opened on Step 2.
- Update only if cells from the lookup sheet contain data: "0" (zero) was treated as an empty cell.

***** V1.7 *****
 - UX; the add-on will offer the most possible actions and warn about possible mistakes and lags.
 - Range selector UX. If you had slow Internet connection or server response, you could get an incorrect range. We've significantly reduced that possibility.
 - Small screens and minor issues UIs.
 - Performance. The new version of the add-on processes colored cells faster.

 - Removing Alternating colors.
 - Processing cells with dates.
 - Corrupting main table formatting.

***** V1.6 *****
You can use sheets with any data amount! There is only one limitation - Google spreadsheet can’t contain more than 2 million cells. 

 -Formulas were replaced with values
 -The add-on considered the same data with different format unequal
 -Minor bugs

 -Processing large amounts of data
 -Progress bar with percentage has been added
 -Auto select range 

We introduced yearly subscriptions, you can still enjoy a fully-functional trial version of the add-on for 30 days.

***** V1.5 *****
 -The add-on prevented from choosing a sheet on Step 2
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Lindsey Ebert
May 13, 2024
This tool is easy-to-use and the support team is very responsive and friendly. Ablebits makes merging data on Google Sheets easy. Definitely worth it!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jake Barsoum
April 4, 2023
Customer support in the live chat was quick, helpful, and knowledgeable. We only breifly used Ablebits suite, but it worked great and the quick, attentive customer support was the icing on the cake.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
David Brossa
December 5, 2023
Have been using for years, Excellent / timely customer support.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
June 27, 2023
Love this. Such a time saver. Great customer support!!!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Lliam Clayton-Johnson
October 6, 2023
Very useful and agree with others, great customer support :)
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jennifer D Jackson [AARSI]
July 14, 2023
This is a huge time saver and very easy to use!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Kirk Hullis
July 6, 2023
This app saves me so much time every single week. Couldn't live without it. An absolute must. Customer support is also excellent.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Cameron Friesen
March 27, 2023
Life saver. Don't need a ton of sheets experience to understand it. Worth every cent.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Anjelika Petrochenko
July 9, 2022
This add-on makes using complex Google Sheet features much easier. Customer support is also fantastic.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Merge Sheets
June 2, 2020
This is probably the single most useful Google Sheets addon that I have installed. I used to just use the free version (limited to once per day), but found it so useful that I ended up buying a subscription, which is extremely affordable and saves so much valuable time. Recently, when I had trouble using the Save Scenario feature in a certain way, I asked Merge Sheets about it and they extremely helpfully rolled out a feature improvement within days! Five stars for the Merge Sheets team!
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