MergeFactory: Doc Merge, Mail Merge, Label Merge, Email Merge, Document Merge, HTML E-mail Merge with simple sheet column references. Create custom documents & reports with this spreadsheet add-on.
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The MergeFactory is yet another email and document merge add-on designed for Google Sheets to provide users with a simple way to merge selected spreadsheet row(s) with user defined Google Docs and Email templates. Header rows are not required and row content can be merged into templates with simple column data markers such as @colC@ or @colF@.  If the sheet does have a header row in the first row, then templates can use simple column header markers such as %colC% or %colF%.  The current @date@ and @time@ can also be used in templates.

The main features that distinguish this add-on are:

Emails and documents are merged with the currently selected row or rows of the Google Sheet, which is a very quick and intuitive way when working with spreadsheet data.  Use your mouse or trackpad to highlighting one or multiple rows and then click the desired action button in the sidebar.

No header rows are required and row content can be merged with simple column data markers; e.g. @colA@  @colF@ etc. to insert the corresponding (column A and F) data of the selected row into the template.  The current @date@ and @time@ can also be used in templates.

Column header markers; e.g. %colA%  %colD% etc. are available to insert the corresponding (column A and D) content of row #1 into the template.  Header markers always assume the first row of the sheet is the header row.

Multiple email, document, and label templates can be created for each Google Sheet with the premium version. The free version is limited to one template for each Google Sheet.

Each template can be limited to a specified sheet(s) / tab(s) in order to avoid merging errors in case you are selecting rows in the wrong tab when initiating a merge.

Document merges can create either one multi-page document for all rows selected or multiple documents with each row being its own document.

Simple plain text emails can be created quickly, easily, and with no HTML knowledge right in the sidebar. Get better formatting options by creating drafts templates in Gmail and then importing your Gmail draft. Full HTML content can also be be pasted in to allow the ultimate in control of your email templates.

Additional email options (Cc, Bcc, From Name, Reply To, Attachments, HTML) are available to create professional quality email content.

Email attachments are references to Google Drive file ID's in a comma separated list. This will convert Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings to PDF files and copy and send other types of files as an attachment.

This add-on only utilizes Google services so your sheet data and email content is never shared outside of the Google environment and can not be accessed by the developer.

Editors of a shared Google Sheet can also utilize this add-on after giving authorization and when any required Google Drive  files are also shared.  A shared sheet editor will need a premium subscription in order to access more than the first email or document template for the spreadsheet.  A shared sheet editor can create, edit, or delete email and document templates, so share with caution.

Payment is not required to install or use this add-on with one saved merge template for each individual spreadsheet.  A premium version is available that allows for multiple email, document, and label templates for each individual spreadsheet.
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