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Send 2000+ personalized emails / day with Gmail. Track opens & responses. Follow up.
Listing updated:January 21, 2022
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✔️ 1st mail merge built on the new version of Google add-ons. ✔️ Send your campaign from Gmail or Google Sheets. ✔️ Also works with recipients in Microsoft Excel and CSV files. ✔️ Design your email in Gmail directly or use Google Docs and write beautiful newsletters. ✔️ Check if your recipient opened / clicked your email. ✔️ Waiting for a response? Mergo sends follow up emails automatically. 
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➤ Freemium: first campaign 100% free, then free for up to 30 emails / campaign.
➤ Plans start at $1.5 / month. 
➤ Monthly, yearly & lifetime plans available.
➤ Domain-wide plans available for Google Workspace domains.


➤ If you want to send personalized emails, use Mergo in Google Sheets (mail merge)
➤ If you simply want to send the same email to several people individually and track them, simply open Mergo in Gmail (email campaigns)
➤ If you want to write your email template with a powerful text editor, use Mergo in Google Docs


Very easy to use, Mergo lets you send and track mail merges in 3 simple steps:
1. Create your email template in Gmail, add merge fields like {{First Name}} to personalize your email, and save it in your draft folder
2. Prepare your mailing list in your Google Sheets: Automatically import them from Google Contacts, or list them manually
3. Launch Mergo from your spreadsheet and launch your campaign: The add-on will automatically send and track your email campaign (opens, clicks, bounces, replies, unsubscribes)


➤ Send emails in bulk in no time to hundreds of recipients
➤ Personalize your email using merge fields like {{First Name}} in your Gmail template and/or subject line, and add “First Name” as a column header in your Google Sheets. Mergo will then automatically retrieve the names from this column, and merge them row by row into your emails sent
➤ Send a test email to yourself so you can preview it: Check your email formatting, links, images etc. and make it look perfect before sending it to your recipient list
➤ Automatically import your contacts from Google Contacts and choose the group you want to import
➤ Track all email opens, clicks, responses, bounces, unsubscribes in real time directly from your Google Sheets, so you’ll know what to send them next and increase your customer engagement
➤ Add an unsubscribe link to your mail to keep your database always updated and GDPR compliant
➤ Add CC and/or BCC recipients to each email
➤ Add emojis to your subject line and/or body content for a better eye-catching effect
➤ Schedule your mail merge at a specific date and time to send well-targeted emails at the right moment 
➤ Send mail merges with personalized attachments to each recipient 
➤ Send emails from a different email address that has been previously set up as alias in Gmail
➤ Specify a different reply-to so you don’t miss any responses
➤ Turn Google Docs into Gmail drafts
➤ Launch a personalized campaign from Google Docs
➤ Track ongoing and previous campaigns from Docs
➤ Send a campaign from Gmail
➤ Track ongoing and previous campaigns from Gmail
➤ Import a contact list from a Google Sheets or an Excel spreadsheet
➤ Send an email when a new row is added to your Sheets, for example with a Zapier integration
➤ Send recursive emails, weekly or monthly

🤔 Why use Mergo over Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), Gmass, Mail Merge with Attachments, Mailmeteor?

➤ It’s 100% secure! We do not store any of your sensitive data, and we only ask for the minimum permissions necessary for Mergo to work. See our Privacy Policy for more details:
➤ It’s actively maintained and updated by passionate developers / Google Developers Expert
➤ With Mergo, you’ll get the best email deliverability as we’re using Gmail API / Google servers to send your emails, ensuring your emails reach your recipients’ inbox
➤ User-friendly and easy to use, no coding skills (like HTML/CSS) are required to send mass email campaigns, allowing you to save time and focus on your campaign objectives rather than the technical setup
➤ Customer support is fully available to all users: Our team aims at providing you with the best experience possible using Mergo, so feel free to reach us at whenever you need!

Not convinced yet? Here are a few examples of email campaigns you can send with Mergo:
➤ Lead generation campaigns: Import contacts from your Google Contacts or from your preferred CRM in a .CSV format file (Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper …) into your Google Sheets. Use Mergo to send well-targeted emails to your prospects, so you don’t miss any potential customers!
➤ Sales prospecting emails: Account managers will love the simplicity of Mergo to send personalized emails to their target and easily manage their portfolio of clients. It’s much easier to use than Salesforce List Emails, Pardot, HubSpot, MailChimp, SendGrid, GetResponse or MailerLite.
➤ Event invitations: Make sure your guests get the right invitation at the right time using Mergo’s personalized attachments and scheduling features. Send invitations to corporate events, weddings, meet-ups, product launch events, seminars, festivals, fairs, job-datings and more!
➤ Promotions: Discounts can be a very powerful customer acquisition and retention tool, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity! Send coupons and discounts during summer/winter sales, Black Fridays, first-time purchases ...
➤ Newsletters / Marketing campaigns: Send regular newsletters on your product and services, and track who opened, clicked and responded to your emails. Remove bounces from your list, and improve your next campaign to increase customer engagement.
➤ Customer satisfaction surveys: Improve your business and processes by getting meaningful feedback from your customers.
➤ Internal communications: Streamline all your communications between managers and employees, HR and teams, administration and parents, teachers and students ... Add the relevant people as CC or BCC recipients to your email so nobody misses important information.
➤ Greetings emails: Send Christmas wishes, Happy New Year, Thanksgiving, holiday greetings, birth announcements, thank-you emails etc. to your friends, family, colleagues, associations’ members ...
➤ Media campaigns: Send a PR campaign to journalists, bloggers, influencers to raise awareness on your product.
➤ Reminder campaigns: Send a monthly reminder to your employees to ask them to register their expenses in your CRM solution.


🆕 Release notes:

05/22/21: Send a recursive email campaign
05/12/21: Send a mail for each new row (Zapier)
03/29/21: Send and track a campaign from Google Docs
03/28/21: Send and track a campaign from Gmail
02/08/21: Turn Google Docs into Gmail drafts
02/03/21: Track the ongoing campaign or the previous one directly from Gmail
01/10/21: Daily quotas are now up to 500 for Gmail accounts, and 2000 for Google Workspace accounts
12/29/20: Pause or Abort an ongoing campaign
12/20/20: Mergo is now part of the latest generation of add-ons
11/02/20: Schedule individual rows and send emails at different dates
10/08/20: Add several attachments in the same email by separating them with a coma
9/7/2020: Emojis are now supported in both subject lines and body content
8/19020: Improved UI with the latest Material Design guidelines
8/5/2020: Unsubscribe feature now available in Mergo
7/19/2020: Improved UI with new menu entries / easier access to Mergo features under “Add-ons”
6/4/2020: Added option to choose which group to import from Google Contacts
6/03/2020: Improved UI + automatically added spreadsheet template (column header examples filled with user data) on empty Google Sheets to help user get started with Mergo
6/01/2020: Added click tracking on email links
5/31/2020: Improved contacts retrieved from Google Contacts and fixed bugs
5/30/2020: Bounce tracking and scheduling option now available 
5/29/2020: Added tracking feature: Email opens and responses within progress bars
5/28/2020: Creation of Mergo: Send mass emails from Gmail and Google Sheets, email personalization option, cc/bcc recipients, import from Google Contacts, personalized attachments

If you like Mergo, please support us by giving us a 5-star rate or leaving a short review on this page! You may also want to try our other apps like Folgo ( or Publigo (

Mergo was created by Romain Vialard, Scriptit. 
Romain is also the creator of Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM), Awesome Table & Form Publisher. He created Awesome Gapps, the company maintaining those products, but he is not involved in it anymore.
Romain is a member of the Google Developer Expert (GDE) program and has been working on Google Apps Script and Google APIs for more than 10 years.
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Run as a Gmail add-on
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Read, compose, and send emails from your Gmail account
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Manage your sensitive mail settings, including who can manage your mail
See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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