Metadata Studio is a tool to add Labels & Custom properties to the Google Drive Files. It provides an interface to attach different types of metadata with your files that adds more power to your Drive
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Metadata Studio for Drive is a tool that enables users to add custom metadata to the Google Drive Files. Users can easily add labels & custom properties to their files within the Google Drive interface using Metadata Studio Drive Add-on.

It provides options to Google Drive users to associate different kinds of metadata with their existing Drive files & folders. Users can also search their files by labels & custom fields' values matching the given criteria.

All metadata saved by the users in terms of labels, fields, and their values are stored in a structured way with the user's Drive files.

What does Metadata Studio offer to the Drive users?
- Users can add labels to the Drive files & folders within the user's Drive interface.
- Users can update & view metadata of Drive items directly within the user's Drive interface.
- Users can create different types of metadata fields as per the requirements, supported types are Text type, User type, Number value type, Date value type, Switch type, Checkboxes type, Radio button type, Dropdown type & File type.
- Each Field type is used to store the respective type value. e.g. Text type field stores text value, User types field stores a person value & File type field stores a file reference.
- Users can reuse metadata fields to any number of files.
- Users can add/remove fields to/from files at any time.
- Users can find the files by labels & metadata fields' values based on search criteria.
- Users can share metadata fields with other users.
- Users can opt for an option to get email notifications to the file owner when a shared user changes the metadata of the file.

There are many scenarios and workflows that can be performed using Metadata Studio.

For instance, If a teacher needs to set student-related data like roll number, marks, student's interests, achievements, birthday to a file or folder representing that student. This attached information helps the teacher in quickly finding students' files or folders that matching the search criteria, e.g. find all the students having an interest in sports. 

If a project manager needs to set project details like project number, project status, assign to a user, project deadline date, etc. to the project's files or folders and need an automatic email alert when a team user updates project status value. If the manager like to search those project files whose deadline is today or tomorrow. This can be achieved easily using Metadata Studio.

How to add custom metadata in the Google Drive files?

How to add a label to the file in Google Drive?

Supported Metadata fields' types
The text type field is used to store a text or string value. It takes an input value using a Textbox from the user.
The user type field is used to store a person's identifier as a value. It takes an email address from the contact list presented to the user. Users can choose an email address from the list or can manually type an email id (if not in the list). e.g. Assign To field.
The number type field is used to store an integer number value. As of now, only positive numbers are supported, e.g. Student's Marks.
The date type field is used to store a date value. A Calendar is presented to the user in UI so that the user can select a date, e.g. Project start date, Deadline date.
The switch type field is used to store a boolean value (Yes/No), e.g. Is Active, Is Completed.
The checkboxes type field is used to store multiple values, e.g. Select team members.
The radio button field type is used to store a selected value from the provided values shown as radio buttons in the User Interface. e.g. Select a Class.
The dropdown field type is used to store a selected value from the given values shown in the Dropdown in User Interface. e.g.  Select a country.
The file field type is used to store a selected file or folder reference. e.g. Designs Folder.

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