MindMatters is an app for creating and presenting diagrams, mind maps, charts and data dashboards.
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MindMatters can be used to create and re-use graphically rich, presentation objects as a way to share your information.

Custom art assets can be added to allow the creation and storage of branded material.

By linking shapes together we can create an array of visual data diagrams including flow charts, decision trees, organisational charts, family trees and mind maps!

Customise the thickness/weight of the connection, it's colour and shape. Connections are redrawn automatically when shapes are moved.

Build complex diagrams and relationships in only minutes; from images, graphics and text.

Utilise powerful customisation options to stack chart series, switch axis or to create scatter plots. A wide range of plot types covered.

Add data directly or connect your Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets. Grab data dynamically so your diagrams track sheet edits in real time or take a one off, static snapshot. Create fully functional, live dashboards!

Add custom images as marker placeholders and use Mind Matters inbuilt tools to create beautiful data presentations for your business and personal needs. 

Work with freeform shapes that can be dragged and dropped into place or use the convenient alignment, ordering and positioning settings to automatically redraw elements as you resize shapes.

Create convenient, flexible mock ups of menus or designs in minutes.

Drag and drop images into mind maps or use images directly from Google Drive.
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