User-friendly tool to lookup values based on criteria and return ALL matching data. Copies and inserts found matches as values or creates formulas.
Listing updated:November 16, 2023
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Multiple VLOOKUP Matches for Google Sheets is an advanced alternative to the VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH functions. The add-on doesn't simply fetch a record for a criterion as the function does. It returns multiple matches based on multiple conditions. What's more, you can change the criteria on the go and preview the new result before pasting it to your spreadsheet. 

The drill is quick and easy and takes ONLY 3 STEPS: 

  1. pick the table you want to process
  2. set as many conditions as you need
  3. specify if you want to get all or only a number of matches

The add-on then scans your data and builds a new dataset in a place of your choice based on your requirements. 


With the intuitive interface of the tool, there's no need to learn how to properly enter dates and time in Google Sheets anymore. Built-in operators will help you set your criteria on the fly. They adapt to your spreadsheet locale so you could enter dates and time as you do in daily life. The add-on will scan your data for exact or partial matches, compare values, or find records belonging to a certain period of time. 


While the standard VLOOKUP cannot look at its left, our tool retrieves records from all directions. Simply select those columns you want to see in the resulting table. At your option, Multiple VLOOKUP Matches will present everything as pure values or as the QUERY formula that you'll be able to use and edit later.

The add-on also serves as a standard FILTER REPLACEMENT. Instead of jumping from column to column creating conditions, you can arrange everything within one window. Our tool will find all matches and copy them outside of your table without modifying it.


Fully functional 30-day trial period. All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions please post them here: 
We'll be happy to assist!

Multiple VLOOKUP Matches is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of Google Workspace. Visit our official website to learn more:
***** V1.6 (16 November 2023) *****
- Couldn't insert formulas to the sheet different from the source sheet.
- Built incorrect formulas if a cell reference was used as an argument for the 'equal to' operator.
- Processed data with formulas incorrectly for 'is error' and 'is not error' arguments.
- UX fixes.

***** V1.5 (23 December 2022) *****
- It's now possible to copy-paste a list of words into the add-on so they turn to multiple conditions.
- Text operators (starts/ends with, contains/ doesn't contain) now recognize cell references so you could refer to cell values instead of entering them directly to the add-on.
- The limit for total cells in a spreadsheet is expanded to 10 million cells.
- Performance improvements for previewing and pasting 5k+ found records.
- Minor UX and UI improvements.

- The add-on couldn't paste data into the file without a set time zone.

***** V1.4 (18 October 2021) *****
- Formulas returned 'PARSE ERROR' whenever the records to look for contained a single quote, i.e. it's.
- Fields of the 'is between' criteria couldn't accept formulas in some cases.

***** V1.3 (5 May 2021) *****
★ New features ★
- 2 new operators added. You can now look for cells that 'start with' or 'end with' particular characters or strings.
- If there are no matches to your conditions, the preview field will say 'No matches found' instead of remaining completely empty.

- The formula missed the final argument making headers merge with data from the 1st row.
- The formula didn't return results for 'Date time' cells if conditions were built for dates only.
- The formula didn't work with big ranges that contained column BY.
- Errored if your 'Data validation' rules prevented the tool from displaying the result.
- Didn't work if you run it from a Chart sheet.

***** V1.2 *****
★ New features ★
- AND/OR logic is supported: decide if all or some of the built conditions should be met to get a match.

- UI for 4K monitors.

- Keyboard navigation skipped the icon to open/close format suggestions.

***** V1.1 *****
★ New features ★
- The add-on checks and warns you if the destination range for the resulting formula contains data.

- Time zones processing: to ensure correct matches for dates and times.
- Keyboard navigation: the focus is added to all icons and options in the drop-down lists.

- The add-on didn't accept ranges from sheets with spaces and quotes in their names.
- New columns added with the add-on running didn't appear in the tool.
- The error appeared after changing the source range and trying to preview the result right away.
- The preview didn't work if the last column in the table contained all number formats but Automatic.
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