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Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets Integration. Amazon sellers can directly import and load their seller data into Google Sheets.
Listing updated:June 30, 2022
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Amazon Seller Central to Google Sheets integration is finally here.

Are you tired of manually importing csv files from Amazon Seller Central and having to manually clean up and extract data?
Are you spending too much time copying and pasting numbers and wish you could import data like inventory, units sold and sales numbers directly into Google Sheets?
Do you have existing Google Sheets that you use to manage your business and want to find a quicker way of updating and managing the files?

Gorilla Sheets is a Google Sheets Add-on for Amazon Sellers that connects to your account and automatically pulls in data for what you need.

If you know how to use Google Sheets, there is nothing else to know to get started.
Use our special Gorilla Functions to load data related to your ASIN's like how many are inbound, being transferred, how many units you have sold so far this year, how much you sold last year in the same month, or during any custom time periods.

With this type of data and control with this Google and Amazon integration, you can keep track of important KPI's to monitor and improve your Amazon business.

- analyze trends in sales and compare sales data over different periods
- see accurate inventory data and don't go out of stock again
- see how many days of inventory is remaining
- know when and how many units to send to Amazon
- see top seller products
- quickly identify underperforming products
- replaces an employee with the amount of time and money you save with operations
- and more coming

- procrastinating because of the tedious work with manual data downloads
- copying and pasting data from csv files and errors
- losing money by going out of stock or sending too much because of incorrect alerts and data

- Get product attributes like ASIN, title, features, Image URL by entering:
=GORILLA_PRODUCT("IPHONE7382", "SmallImage_URL", "US")

- Get total number of units for ASIN B00YD545CC that are in transfer status in the US marketplace:
=GORILLA_INVENTORY(“B00YD545CC”, "US", "transfer")

- Keep an eye on cancellation trends this month:
=GORILLA_SALESCOUNT("This Month", "ALL", "IPHN3724", "Canceled")

Functions and new data points are continually added.

Not confident with Google spreadsheets or Amazon Seller data? We offer ready made templates so you can hit the ground running. Use our list of various templates that make running your business easier and improves ROI.

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- Mexico (
- Canada (
- United Kingdom (
- Germany (
- Spain (
- France (
- Italy (
- India (
- Japan (

This Amazon add-on for Google Sheets only works for Amazon PROFESSIONAL seller accounts. Individual accounts are not supported. Amazon API credentials are required which are only available for Professional seller accounts.

Unlimited free trial for 3 SKU's. Enter any of your 3 SKU's and track sales data, inventory levels, sales data and more.

Don't hesitate to contact us at

Q: Is there a cost for the extension?
A: The free version allows you to track and analyze any 3 of your SKU's for free. To track and optimize your business, there is a monthly fee based on order volume.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Install the add-on to Google Sheets, enter your Amazon Seller ID and auth token for you to authorize Gorilla Sheets. We do not request or require any passwords and all data is controlled by you.

Q: How do I import my Amazon Seller data into Google Sheets?
A: After the initial loading time (can take 15 min to 2 hours depending on your order volume), use our custom excel style Google Sheets function to pull in all sorts of data. From units sold last week on Tuesday, to total sales this year, or how many orders were canceled in the last month. Follow the guide and documentation and drive the business, instead of the other way around.

Q: Why should I use Gorilla Sheets instead of exporting myself from Amazon Seller Central?
A: You definitely can. However, you will spend 10x more time trying to clean up, organize, adjust and maintain spreadsheets. To be on top of your business and stay ahead of what to do, let Gorilla Sheets auto import and load the data for you. The question is whether a small monthly fee is worth 10 hours a month you need to spend to do the same amount work.
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October 29, 2020
we use it to pull and run our warehouse and fulfillment numbers. Able to get amazon inventory numbers, see how much is in stock, days remaining, max limit etc and not be caught off guard and run out of stock.
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A User of Multi-Seller(Agency) - Amazon Connector-GorillaROI
April 22, 2020
We had been using Google sheets and our Amazon platforms to keep up with inventory and sales for years. We only had 10 products at the time so it was not so bad. Then I come into the company to be the COO and we launched 33 additional products within six months of me on-boarding. I knew the current system couldn't handle the growth and I couldn't find a software that worked with at least three Amazon platforms (USA, CAD, UK) or that wasn't insanely expensive. I ran across GorillaROI in my search and got to speak with Jae Jun, the founder. We spent the next several days processing how I could take his templates and customize them to fit our needs. Not only did Jae teach me several tricks in Google Sheets but we also got to pass different ideas back and forth on best practices. We just went through another round of launches, 10 new products, and it was seamless. We use several of GorillaROI's sheets within the company to track inventory, sales, ROI of products, etc. We have grown because of this partnership and I would recommend GorillaROI to any business that is trying to scale without making a huge capital investment into expensive software. Casey Cox COO SMNutrition
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Elchanan C
February 8, 2021
Gorilla ROI is a powerful tool that takes otherwise scattered data and makes it accessible with relatively simple call methods. Jae and his team respond quickly and helpfully each time.
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Samson Assefa
December 7, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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Chris Jr Williams
July 11, 2020
C x
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Margaret Landon
November 9, 2020
been looking for something like this for ages to get rid of all the manual work we were doing to update our accounts. We can update reports for clients much quicker and look brilliant for being able to give clients what they want, so quickly.
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