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[Formerly Flat for Docs] Music notation and tablature snippets for your Google Workspace. Create your notation and quickly insert it into your Docs and Slides.
"Flat for Docs" is now "Music Snippet". Many of you are familiar with Flat for Docs. It was launched in November 2017 to help music educators create composition-focused lesson plans and music theory assignments on Google Docs & Slides. Having grown to include more than 9M users worldwide, we thought it was time to improve the user experience around this product.

*Here are the major updates*:
• Name change. Flat for Education for Docs was too long (and with "for" used twice!). We needed a new name to go with our product upgrade – hello, Music Snippet 👋
• Color change: We chose contrasting colors to ensure accessibility for all, regardless of potential disabilities or the user's device.  
• Ability to connect to your Flat for Education account. Users can access their entire sheet music library and save & edit their creations. The best part is that connected users can access all the editor functions! This was specifically designed to help our music educators and learners save time and create more engaging resources without redundant tasks!

*How to get started?*

Intuitiveness is one of Flat for Education's core values, and Music Snippet was designed with that principle always in mind.
1. Install this add-on, either for your own individual Google account or your Workspace domain.
2. Open the add-on in Google Docs or Google Slides. In the menu, choose "Add-ons", then select “Music Snippet” and “Open Music Snippet”. From there you can start creating!
3. Once you've finished creating your music notation, select “Add to document” to insert your composition as an image within a document.
4. Flat for Education users can connect their account to the Music Snippet add-on, allowing them to use the full Flat for Education editor. Additionally, this will allow users to edit compositions and save them in their library.

Please note that the notation inserted in your document works like a picture and doesn't have our playback included (Docs and Slides don't allow to insert an MP3 audio file in the documents).
If you have connected your Flat for Education account, you can re-open the notation later to edit it or play it. Files will also be available in your Flat for Education account library.

Are you currently using Music Snippet? Would you like to share your experience with us and help inspire teachers around the world? Write to us at and get the conversation started.
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