My Mail Merge is an easy, fast and effective mail merging tool which allows you to send your Email campaigns right away from your Gmail™ panel.
Listing updated:August 26, 2023
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Why My Mail Merge?

My Mail Merge is an easy, fast and effective mail merging tool which allows you to send your Email campaigns right away from your Gmail™ panel. You don’t need to worry about any technical specification or a third party application. One time simple integration of My Mail Merge tool with your Gmail™ account will allow you to create personalized mass email campaigns with options to schedule and track opens and clicks.



Now personalize your every mail by Connecting to a Google Sheet™ and containing columns with First Name & Last name of the recipients. My Mail Merge will send mail with personal touch to each of your contacts.

Custom Templates

You don't need to copy paste the format every time, My Mail Merge will save your custom templates as draft to be used as a mail next time. You can save as much as templates in drafts.

Analytic Reports

Get analytics and reports for your every Email. The campaign reports will show you how many mails delivered, how many opened, clicked, bounced, read and link clicked etc.

Custom Attachments  

As an added feature, My Mail Merge allows you to send custom attachments/hyperlinks to different recipients. You can add a separate column in your Google Sheet™ and the tool will do the rest.


Draft and write your mail merge campaign now and schedule it for any time of your choice, or set it to repeat daily or hourly when your audience is most active.

Data Integration

No need to enter data and contact details of your Email list manually. Add contact lists from various CRMs, mail accounts, Google sheets™ etc. Mail My Merge automatically can read and scan useful data from any of the above sources.

Who can use My Mail Merge?

If you have an email address then probably you are already aware about the mass emails and online newsletters. In today's digital era, every business is building their email lists and interacting with the customers through email campaigns. Although, the email marketing tool isn’t utilized properly by many businesses because they don’t have campaign strategy and interactive email templates.

So if you are thinking of giving a try to a mass mail tool then you are at the absolute right place. We shall discuss usage of the mass mailing tool (My Mail Merge) for different kinds of businesses and brands.

1) Companies providing products & services:
If you are into the business of selling products or providing services to the customers and you have a digital presence of your brand then you should not stop yourself from using this tool. Build an email list of your potential customers/clients who are looking for the products and services which you are selling. Start informing or attracting them to your products and start making sales through successful email marketing campaigns.

2) Digital Marketers:

Being a digital marketing expert, you are well informed about the results of email marketing and the importance of building an email list. The My Mail Merge tool will be your partner to build your email campaigns right from a Gmail™ extension. Without using a third party application, its one time integration process allows you to send mass emails with custom templates and multiple options to track open rate, link clicks and bounce rate etc. Digital Marketers should use this tool for delivering successful email marketing campaigns and boost sales of their clients.

3) Public Relation Agencies:

For PR agencies it becomes important to interact with media persons and the clients simultaneously. If you are dealing with multiple clients, it becomes too complex to send press releases to hundreds of media persons at the same time in a day. Sometimes, Gmail™ limits get exhausted or copy-pasting email addresses become painful. This tool can solve your problems where you can send emails directly from a Google Sheet™ with options to send personalized attachments to each of your recipients.

4) Creative Advertising Agencies:

Developing creative advertising campaigns for the clients is a glorious business but it becomes a burdenful experience while dealing in mass emails. Sending a creative poster, wishing Happy New Year to associates or policy update of the company to thousands of emails together can be a complicated task. But you can still manage to send your emails using My Mail Merge tool without having any technical knowledge. Features like easy email lists integration and scheduling allows you to send emails anytime.

5) Start-ups/ SMEs :

For start-ups and small-medium enterprises, Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses. My Mail Merge Tool is easy to manage, gives you full control and allows you to establish a personal relation with your customers. 

6) Public Sectors & NGO:

While working in a public sector or NGOs, you may have to run several awareness campaigns and fundraising campaigns. It would be really helpful if you use email lists to accomplish your goals and send your message to multiple people at the same time. This tool can be your single solution to compose, draft and send many of such mailing campaigns to run your campaigns.

7) Individuals:

You are getting married next month and you have to send an invitation to hundreds of your old friends or colleagues on their email. With this tool, we got you covered where you can compose your invitation mail and send it to many of your contacts altogether without using any third party application or compromising with privacy of your data.

Creating custom templates and saving them to My Mail Merge draft.

When you are sending a business email to your mailing list, it becomes important to create and format your emails in a professional style. Your email formatting is the first impression you make to your patron while communicating with them through emails. But it is very complicated to write the same email format every time and put your precious time into making the email copy spectacular.

Wait, My Mail Merge tool offers you to save your Email templates at a place so that you can use them anytime later when you want to build your email campaigns. By saving your preferred Email templates you can customize the formatting and text of emails. These templates can be text only or custom templates in HTML.  

Why to use Custom Templates?

-Speed up your campaign production: 

No need to spend your valuable time in creating and formatting an email. A custom email template helps you to craft your email campaigns creatively and it can make the whole process a lot faster. You dont require coding knowledge for it, you just need My Mail Merge tool.

-Improve Consistency:

When you start crafting your emails campaigns using these templates, you will get a better idea of how your email campaigns are doing. Emails including your company logo, brandings and link to the website, your users will easily recall your brand. Thus helps brand awareness.

Improves Communication:

Your customers are always looking for brands that are trustworthy and provide a personalized message to them. By using predesigned templates you can add personal touch to your mails and provide value to your recipients.

How to Save your Custom Email Templates to My Mail Merge?

You need to create your email templates as per your requirements and save them to drafts. You can use these templates later anytime when you want to build a similar mail campaign. Also there are multiple free and paid resources available on the internet from where you can get sample email templates.

(Here we will give technical steps & procedures to save templates to the tool. It will be done once the website is ready.) 

Analytical Reports:

Getting analytical reports for your every email is the salient feature of My Mail Merge tool. It gives you detailed metrics of your email campaign with real time tracking options. These statistics help you to design and build better and more result oriented campaigns for the next time. Here is what you can track after you every email campaign:

1.Total Recipient : Total number of email addresses your message is sent to.

2.Unique Opens: You can track the unique number of recipients who have opened your email. A user might open your email more than once so you will get the number of unique opens as well as the total number of opens.

3. Unopened: You can check the number of email addresses who have received your email but did not open it.

4. Bounce Rate: You can track the number of email addresses who didn’t receive your email due to the wrong address or their inbox is full. You can delete such email addresses from your list to reduce the bounce rate.

5. Link Clicks: This metrics will give you insight about the click through ratio of links inside your email message. It will show a number of total clicks as well as unique clicks for the trackable links.

6. Replies: Check the number of users who have replied to your email.

7. Unsubscribe: Check the number of total recipients who unsubscribe for your email alerts after reading your email.

8. Export Reports: You can export your data & analytics report in excel sheets or pdf format.

Sample of Analytical Reports


Every business has their unique set of audience and customers so do their routines. As being a 
Digital marketer you must be well aware about the likes and dislikes of your consumers while building email campaigns. Your readers have unique habits and timings of consuming content, for example if your email campaign is targeted to homemaker ladies then the best time to hit your emails is day time. 

The scheduling feature of My Mail Merge allows you to design your email campaigns in a way that your message reaches the audience at a specific time. You can choose the custom date & time which best suits your campaign.Your emails will be sent at the scheduled time only. 

After scheduling an email campaign, If you want to change or modify the date and time, you can do it.


We get multiple marketing emails in a day and we only open a few. The response of a recipient depends on the subject line and personal tone of a message. There are 60% more chances of opening a mail if we include FIRST name or LAST name of the recipient. 

My Mail Merge tool allows you to personalize your email message by adding names to the Google Spreadsheet’s column. You just need to add names next to the email addresses column in the sheet and integrate it with the tool.

Also there is an option to send personalized attachments and links to custom email addresses. To use this feature just add another column consisting of these variables next to the email addresses you want to send these attachments or links.
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Nirjala Kumari
February 8, 2023
I have been using this mail merge tool for several months now and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. It makes easy for me to send out mass emails with just a few clicks and the ability to personalize each email is a huge plus. Highly recommend!
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Deepika Guleria
December 29, 2022
I used this tool for the last year and I found it very useful for me. This Tool makes my Work Easier👍😊✔.
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A User of My Mail Merge
August 10, 2022
Its good i like to his delevery and but work on open rates
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A User of My Mail Merge
August 11, 2022
I like his report
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