Create website for your brand using Google Forms™. Publish your form's responses as open discussion from which your users can learn.
Listing updated:April 15, 2024
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Neartale simplifies support and community engagement for you. Imagine this: Your users ask you support questions and you answer them regularly. Neartale steps in and transforms these questions into an open discussion forum. It uses Google Forms™ to gather and organize questions from users. Your users' questions aren't just answered; they become conversations that everyone can join and learn from. As the one responsible for providing answers, Neartale ensures these questions turn into helpful conversations that benefit everyone involved. Plus, these questions are neatly captured and organized in Google Forms™, making it effortless for you to track and manage them. With the ability to export this information to Google Sheets™, sharing with your team becomes a breeze.


➤ Join Forces to Solve Problems: Neartale empowers users to collaborate and solve issues collectively. It effortlessly transforms user questions into public forum discussions using Google Forms™. These queries are seamlessly captured in Google Forms™, ensuring easy tracking and organization. Plus, Neartale offers a feature to export this data directly to Google Sheets™ for effortless sharing and team collaboration.

➤ Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere: With our intuitive mobile app, managing queries and sharing updates becomes a breeze. This keeps support and communication going, no matter where you are.

➤ Effortless Support Turned Community Solutions: Neartale streamlines support submissions into vibrant community solutions. It converts questions into lively discussions within the community. Users’ queries don't just receive answers; they become conversations that everyone can join and benefit from, just like being part of an online chat.

➤ Export to Google Sheets™ for Easy Tracking and Sharing: Neartale simplifies the tracking and sharing of user queries by allowing seamless export to Google Sheets™. This feature enables efficient organization and effortless sharing of information within your team.

➤ Simple Pricing and Support: Neartale offers easy pricing plans. A basic plan is free and lets you handle up to 20 questions per month. For more features, there are paid plans starting at $38 per month. And our support team is here to help whenever you need it.

➤ Seamless Integration and Support: Neartale seamlessly integrates with your existing Google Forms™ and Sheets™ to continue your existing workflow. Whether you're an individual user, a small team, or a large enterprise, our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring a smooth and effective experience.

To learn more about the customization features or for any inquiries, visit our website through the link below or contact us at
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