Call Python code directly from Google Sheets™. Easily develop your code using the built in editor. Use any third party libraries.
Listing updated:May 17, 2024
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Neptyne: Python for Sheets™ lets you extend the functionality of spreadsheets by writing your own Python functions in an integrated editor and REPL. With the power of Python, you can easily import data from the web, implement your own custom formulas, and leverage the power of the vast ecosystem of Python packages.

Quickstart Tutorial:
- Install the extension on this page.
- Open a new Google Sheet™ and declare and in the top bar click Extensions > Neptyne > Show code editor
- Implement a python function in the top code editor. For example:
def hello(to_who):
    return "hello " + to_who
- Set A1 to: world
- Set A2 to: =PY(“hello”, A1)
- Change the value of A1 and notice that A2 updates!

Neptyne Editor
- The top part of the Neptyne sidebar, the editor, is evaluated every time your code changes.
- You must declare any functions you create in the editor.

Neptyne REPL
- The bottom part of the sidebar is a Python REPL.
- The REPL can be used to run Python expressions and to test and debug your Python code.

Integrating with the Sheet
- Neptyne automatically creates a PY formula which lets you call your Python functions from the sheet.
- Usage: =PY(“function_name”, param1, …)

PyPI Packages:
- Neptyne ships with the python packages most useful for data analysis so you’ll have direct access to pandas, numpy, requests, scikit-learn and even openai.
- To install a new package, click Extensions > Neptyne > Python Package Management
- Any packages entered 

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Swara Kantaria
January 11, 2024
Super helpful extension that allows you to run Python within Google Sheets. Significantly improves spreadsheet workflows for folks who have a little bit of Python knowledge. Highly recommend!
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Michal Chodorev
January 15, 2024
It's okay to play with. However it fails to load pages very often. Also, it seems it caches code and change doesn't always take effect immediately
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Armaan Kapoor
April 30, 2024
lit extension
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David Katz
October 21, 2023
Works great, super cool. So much potential for interesting applications!
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Douwe Osinga
October 20, 2023
Write Python code and use it in Google Sheets. What's not to like?
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