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Give Notion the superpowers of Google Sheets
Listing updated:November 15, 2021
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Keep your databases from Notion automatically in sync with Google Sheets. Use Sheets formulas to send data to Notion, create recurring tasks and even connect cells with Notion blocks for dynamic dashboards!

πŸ‘‡ How it works?

1. Connect your Notions workspace.
2. Search for databases in your workspace.
3. Start the synchronization process!


We take care of the different types of properties.

Dates πŸ“…
Email πŸ“§
Created time πŸ•›
Number #️⃣
Phone number πŸ“ž
Last edited time πŸ•
Checkbox βœ…
Rollup πŸ”
Last edited by πŸ‘€
Multi select ⏬
Url πŸ”—
Relation ↗️
Files πŸ“Ž
Created by πŸ‘€
People πŸ‘₯
Formula βˆ‘
Rich text πŸ“„
Select πŸ”½
Title πŸ”–


We take care of translating the format from Notion to Google Sheets.

1. πŸ“„  Keep your rich text formatting the same as in Notion automatically. Including links.
2. πŸ“…  Don’t worry about date ranges, we split them in two columns, start and end.
3. πŸ”½. Data validation and conditional formatting in your select properties.
4. #️⃣. All Notion number formats supported by default, no configuration required.
5. ↗️  We take care of retrieving each related page and setting the links for easy access.


Enable a whole world of possibilities with your data in Google Sheets.

Use explore to get insights about your data. Create beautiful charts and use pivot tables to summarize, group and count your data. You can then embed them back to Notion and have live updates.


Connect multiple workspaces from different accounts.

You can connect multiple Notion workspaces from different accounts and synchronize the databases that you want from each one. We take your data privacy seriously, we don’t read, store or log your data anywhere, from Notion to Google Sheets without intermediaries.


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Nur Alfayn Fathan Qarieba
June 12, 2021
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