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Give Notion the superpowers of Google Sheets
Listing updated:July 1, 2022
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Keep your Notion databases automatically in sync with Google Sheets. Use Sheets formulas to send data to Notion, create recurring tasks and even connect cells with Notion blocks for dynamic dashboards!

πŸ‘‡ How it works?

1. Connect your Notion workspace.
2. Search for databases in your workspace.
3. Start the sync process.


➑️  We take care of the different database properties.

Notion2Sheets translates each Notion database property type to Sheets in the best possible way, keeping links, text and number formats, select options and colors, checkboxes, dates, relationships, roll-ups and more.

Dates πŸ“…
Email πŸ“§
Created time πŸ•›
Number #️⃣
Phone number πŸ“ž
Last edited time πŸ•
Checkbox βœ…
Rollup πŸ”
Last edited by πŸ‘€
Multi select ⏬
Url πŸ”—
Relation ↗️
Files πŸ“Ž
Created by πŸ‘€
People πŸ‘₯
Formula βˆ‘
Rich text πŸ“„
Select πŸ”½
Title πŸ”–


➑️  We take care of translating the format from Notion to Google Sheets.

1. πŸ“„  Keep your rich text formatting the same as in Notion automatically. Including links.
2. πŸ“…  Don’t worry about date ranges, we split them in two columns, start and end.
3. πŸ”½. Data validation and conditional formatting in your select properties.
4. #️⃣. All Notion number formats supported by default, no configuration required.
5. ↗️  We take care of retrieving each related page and setting the links for easy access.


➑️  Enable a whole world of possibilities with your data in Google Sheets.

πŸ“ˆ  Create beautiful charts and use pivot tables to summarize, group and apply business intelligence to your data. You can then embed them back to Notion and have live updates. Use third party add ons to send emails, create amazing presentations and more.


➑️  Enable the usage of Google Sheets formulas with synced columns.

πŸ”„  Synced columns allows you to sync the values of a column in Sheets to Notion. Use formulas like =GOOGLEFINANCE, =IMPORTXML and keep those values automatically in sync with your Notion database.

Notion just became much more powerful.


➑️  Schedule page creations with recurring tasks.

πŸ“†  You can schedule pages to be created at specific intervals of time, adding default values the same way as Notion database templates work. Use people properties to assign to members of your team that will get the notifications right on time.

Automate everything.


➑️  Build dynamic dashboards with synced cells.

πŸ“Š  Synced cells allows you to connect the value of a cell in Google Sheets with a title, equation, lists, todos or paragraph block in Notion.
Use formulas to summarize information and build amazing dashboards that are updated automatically.

Conditional colors, sizes and more with equations.


πŸ‘‡  Learn More



πŸ™  Support: Have a question or a feedback?

The nich tool alternative to Zapier, Integrately,, IFTTT and Integromat and Airboxr.
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Profile Picture
Savannah Price
May 23, 2022
Fantastic service
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
M Mirza
December 31, 2021
It works, super helpful! The support also super reliable!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Daniel Asher
March 11, 2022
This works nicely, but doesn't allow you to sync from a Google Sheet to Notion. It is one way only. I have lots of Google Sheets and am unable to synchronise them with Notion using this product.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Segev Hochberg
January 4, 2022
Good product & support that helps set up any complex scenarios you may have.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Tom Lloyd
January 18, 2022
Nice app, does exactly what it says!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Nur Alfayn Fathan Qarieba
June 12, 2021
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Isha Notion
January 28, 2022
This is by far the best/easiest, reliable and reasonably priced extension to connect Notion with google sheets I found so far. Since the notion Backup function stopped working on Monday for databases <2000 entries, this is the best and most reliable solution. One of the five huge databases to sync had a small problem that was fixt by the creator of this add on itself via support chat in real time! Btw. ALL Columns - 10, 20 or more are getting synced one way, not just 5 - even in the free version (That made me hesitate a bit at first)!!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Ally Ebdon
January 28, 2022
Honestly one of the best apps I've used in fulfilling a niche and solving problems. There have been a number of gaps which notion just fails to solve for a while now such as advanced filtering of tables and displaying live data and I find it so tempting just to return to google sheets in order to get this extra functionality... before the aesthetics of notion draw me back in! But now I use this app I can use Notion as my day to day input, output that date to google sheets, sort within google sheets and then link back to Notion in various different ways. Honestly wonderful! I used Notion2Sheets for a number of months before upgrading to premium and wouldn't look back. Support is excellent and quick and new features are rolled out regularly. Excited to see what comes next!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Scott Luo
January 3, 2022
Notion is still working to improve API, N2S has done as much of the API availability, seems to me it's well operated with good coding and good service.
Is this review helpful?
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