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The Now Novel Google Docs add-on enables Now Novel members to import their story outlines to view in their private Google Docs projects. View all your character profiles, plot points, settings and scene summaries in one convenient place while you write. 

What can I do with this?

- Toggle between different story outlines from your private dashboard, right within the current scene you're writing (useful if you want to check character or setting details from an earlier or later book in your series).

- View character profiles (including details such as names, appearances and roles and backstory), setting summaries, plot point ideas and scene and chapter outlines within your workflow, as you draft - no switching between tabs or documents to disrupt your writing flow. 

- Call up factual details (if you've entered descriptive and historical details about real places in the World Builder, for example, scroll through these in the window where you're writing for easy reference). 

- Read over full scene and chapter outlines you've created in the Scene Builder tool as you write.

- Have an always-present guide and overview of your ideas and story objectives as you write.

Your privacy:

Only your story outlines are imported into your private Google Docs account. Only signed-in users who you've granted access to your Docs file can view your outline. You can sign out of the add-on at any time to close an outline currently open in the add-on.  (Remember to sign out if using this add-on in an internet cafe, school computer lab or other public environment.)
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