Speed up your VFX bidding 10x with OpenBID: Automatically send live-linked bid breakdowns, auto-insert thumbnails & much more. Plus ChatGPT & DALL-E!
Listing updated:June 4, 2024
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Speed up your VFX bidding with a set of advanced pre-built templates and a host of automated tools.

Google™ adheres to strict security protocols when it comes to using the Drive API. No third parties can view or access your data without you sharing it first. Moreover, the OpenBID Toolkit add-on has undergone a comprehensive third party security audit. To view the certificate, visit: 


If you have any questions about how this add-on uses permissions feel free contact Marcus LeVere directly using the support link below. 

Key Features:

View Vendor Availability: Get the availability for your show from over 500 VFX vendors.

Create OpenBID Templates: Quickly duplicate the latest OpenBID template versions (Client, Vendor, Profit Planner, or On-Set Camera Report).

Send NDAs to Vendors: Streamline your NDA process with automated sending.

AI-Powered Custom Functions: Use the GPT() functions to supercharge your workflow.

Work with DALL-E Images: Batch create, download and insert AI generated images.

Integrate Private YouTube Chapters: Automatically insert chapters for shots from your private YouTube videos.

Send Bid Breakdowns: Automatically send detailed bid breakdowns to all your VFX vendors.

Convert & Reuse Shots: Transform current shots into templates for easy reuse.

Bid Version Control: Conveniently version up your bid and append the previous bid summary.

Client-Friendly Sheet Prep: Automatically prep sheets to share with clients, and create client-friendly PDF bids.

Export to ShotGrid: Export your shot and asset data with one click.

Become a Vetted VFX Vendor: Apply to join the job board through a simple form.

Vote on Future Features: Have a say in the next OpenBID feature to be developed.

Reclaim your time with OpenBID Toolkit. Minimize manual tasks, eliminate errors, and focus on what truly matters. Install the add-on now for a free trial!
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Prashanth KP
December 29, 2023
As a VFX Producer with extensive experience in producing world-class visual effects and a strong background in video editing and production, I have had the opportunity to explore and utilize various tools and software in the industry. One such tool that stands out for its efficiency and versatility is OpenBID. OpenBID's integration with Google Sheets, a platform I am familiar with, makes it incredibly user-friendly and eliminates the need to learn new software. This aspect is particularly beneficial for professionals like myself who prefer focusing on creative tasks rather than spending time on learning new technical tools. The features of OpenBID, such as automatic generation of client summaries, customizable departments and rates, and collaborative VFX bidding with shot templates, align perfectly with the demands of VFX production. These functionalities streamline the bidding process, making it more efficient and accurate. Additionally, OpenBID's capacity to handle a large number of shots and assets, up to 100,000, is impressive and crucial for large-scale projects that I often oversee at PixStone Images. The tool's ability to provide time-restricted access and secure collaboration with non-Google accounts is highly valuable for maintaining project confidentiality and integrity. In summary, OpenBID is a robust and efficient tool for VFX bidding and crew planning, perfectly suited for the dynamic and demanding nature of the visual effects industry. Its user-friendly interface, combined with its powerful features, makes it an invaluable asset for VFX producers like myself. Prashanth KP VfX producer - Pixstone Images chennai
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Brian Connor
November 1, 2023
If you have to Breakdown and Bid Scripts, you really NEED to be using OpenBID.... It is made by someone who fully understands BIDDING and has done all the tedious work for us and beyond. It really is the Ultimate Bidding Document that automagically (ChatGPT and DALL-E) does all the heavy lifting so you can turn it around quickly and easily. Everything you do ripples through all the 'easy to use' pages that are free to use in Google Sheets. Do yourself a favor and finally upgrade to MODERN, Intelligent, Bidding process, OpenBId. You're future self will thank you... -Brian Connor AMPAS, VES
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