Easily split addresses into separate columns by street, city, state, zipcode and more.
Listing updated:June 27, 2024
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Parserator parses and splits addresses into separate components like street, city, state or zipcode. This tool is powered by DataMade’s open source usaddress library (https://github.com/datamade/usaddress), the most accurate and reliable parser for addresses in the United States.

How to use Parserator:
- Sign up to get a free Parserator API key emailed to you: https://parserator.datamade.us/sign-up/. Your first 1,000 address parses are free.
- In your Google Sheets™ spreadsheet, go to Parserator => Set API key and paste in your API key.
- Select a column of addresses and go to Parserator => Parse addresses.
- Parserator will parse each address into structured, labeled address components, like street number, street name, city, and zipcode.
- For more than 1,000 parses, sign up for a paid account starting at $10/month: https://parserator.datamade.us/pricing/

How does Parserator work?
Using a probabilistic model, it makes (very educated) guesses in identifying address components, even in tricky cases where rule-based parsers typically break down. You can read more about it at our blog post: https://datamade.us/blog/parsing-addresses-with-usaddress/

Parserator is a great tool to assist with:
- Creating standardized address labels
- Matching and merging addresses
- Importing address data into a database
- Geocoding

Parserator can identify and tag up to 27 distinct address parts:
- AddressNumber
- AddressNumberPrefix
- AddressNumberSuffix
- BuildingName
- CornerOf
- IntersectionSeparator
- LandmarkName
- NotAddress
- OccupancyIdentifier
- OccupancyType
- PlaceName
- Recipient
- StateName
- StreetName
- StreetNamePostDirectional
- StreetNamePostModifier
- StreetNamePostType
- StreetNamePreDirectional
- StreetNamePreModifier
- StreetNamePreType
- SubaddressIdentifier
- SubaddressType
- USPSBoxGroupID
- USPSBoxGroupType
- USPSBoxType
- ZipCode

This is a tool by DataMade. For any further queries visit our website at https://parserator.datamade.us/ or email us at parserator@datamade.us.
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Joey Gribble
February 18, 2023
Worked great. I had to a hard refresh of my sheet to get the option to put the API key, but was able to easily get one emailed to me from the website. Great extension!
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Sam McAlilly
March 23, 2022
very helpful for working with address data
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Derek Eder
February 18, 2022
Super fast and convenient tool for structuring my address data
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