Allow teachers to reset passwords for their students through a google form V26
Listing updated:November 2, 2021
Works with:
Admins can use this add-on to setup a workflow where authority can be delegated to teachers to allow them to change passwords for students 

How it works:
Admins maintain a spreadsheet list of Org Units to which you have delegated authority to change user passwords. 

The add-on will also create the form which those users will use to change the passwords.

When authorised users submit a password change through the form the target password will be changed and a notification email will be sent to both users. 

The user whose password has been changed will be prompted to change their password when they next sign in. 
The spreadsheet will also keep a record of all password changes recording who changed which password when.

AS the interface is a form teachers can access it through a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.
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Steve Mitchell
July 11, 2021
Does what it says on the box. One caveat that was a deal breaker for me (which I suspect is a limitation of the API rather than the way the app is written); any entries of any line in the 'allowed to reset' have permission for all entries in the 'allowed to be reset'.... ie no granularity, where one could say 'OU1 can manage OU2' and separately provide 'OU3 permission for OU4'. OU's 1 and 3 would have rights to 2 and 4 with no restriction. Separate sheets was also a bust as a workaround. Still, it handled what it could do very well, and if granularity is not a requirement, it's a very good fit.
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