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Save time creating and collecting completed documents by connecting Google form responses to fillable fields in PDF templates.
Listing updated:February 9, 2022
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The pdfFiller add-on for Google Forms allows you to automatically transfer responses from Google forms to fillable templates in your pdfFiller account. No more manually typing data into your PDF contracts, agreements and price lists. Create and share a Google form with others and use pdfFiller to collect data right into your template. The add-on addresses two major functions: map fields and parse fields.

Mapping fields means connecting the fields of a Google form to the fillable fields of a template in your pdfFiller account. For example, you can connect several fields in a template with a single question in a Google form to quickly pre-fill an agreement that requires a client’s name on every page.

Parsing fields means creating Google forms based on the specific fillable fields of your template. Just connect questions to fillable fields and create a Google form in a click. As with mapping, once a recipient fills in and submits their data, it is collected and added to your fillable template. Parsing fields comes in handy when your fillable template has many fields and you don’t need to connect all of them to a Google form.

Note: you need a pdfFiller account to use the add-on. Want to try pdfFiller for free? Get your 30-day free trial right now!

How it works:
1. Start building your Google form by clicking Add-ons in the top panel and selecting pdfFiller for Google Forms.
2. Authorize the add-on to access your pdfFiller account. You’ll have to log in to pdfFiller or register a new account.
3. Close this tab and start using the add-on
4. Click Show folders & templates.
5. Select the folder in your pdfFiller account where you’d like to store pre-filled PDFs or create a new folder. Choose a template to connect it with Google Forms.
6. Choose what you’d like to do next: map fields or parse fields.

Map fields:
7. Click MAP.
8. Connect fillable fields in your template (on the left) to questions in a Google form (on the right). 
Note: you can connect several fillable fields in a template to one question in your Google form. This means that once a recipient types in their response, all connected fillable fields will be populated.
9. Click SAVE.
10. That’s it. Share your Google form with others and let the add-on generate templates pre-filled with responses.

Parse fields: 
7. Click PARSE.
8. Check a fillable field in your template (on the left) and enter question text on the right. 
9. Click SAVE.
10. The selected fields and questions will be shown on your Google form. Share it with others and let the add-on generate templates pre-filled with responses.
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