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Convert your engineering spreadsheets into a PDF of handwritten calculations for building consent.
This add-on allows you to directly connect with the Pensolve server and seamlessly process files to hand-written calculations as well as markup cells based on their usage. 

The improved connectivity compared to using Pensolve's standalone web-app means that users learn faster and can find calculation issues easier.

Conversion to PDF: reads through all the calculations in the spreadsheet and writes them out as hand-written calculations in a PDF document, showing the algebraic, numerical formulas as well as the answer, units, comments and references.

Assess: A fast evaluation of the spreadsheet to allow the user to markup cells, formulas and view equation dependencies.

Markup: This button changes the cell and font color based on how the cells are used (e.g. input cells = yellow, calculations = blue, units = gray text, references = brown text). 

View formula: The user can view the cell algebraic formula quickly from within the sidebar.

View dependents: This button shows all of the cells that you the current cell as an input.
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Daniel Bulbring
March 27, 2017
Easy to use and super useful for reviews.
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Matt Bishop
March 1, 2017
Huge increase in useability for us. Great addition to an already excellent product.
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