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Automate approval workflow like invoice with form approvals & convert form to PDF via form publisher.
Listing updated:May 10, 2023
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Automate form approval workflow like leave request with form approvals & convert form to PDF via form publisher.

Select in 4 modes to automate your flow:
1/ Create approval workflow only:  send form approvals workflow requests and recipients can approve via email.

2/ Generate PDF/document only: auto-generate forms to PDF & document every time a submission is sent to your form.

3/ Generate & send PDF/document only: auto-generate forms to PDF & document when someone submits a request and send the generated file to your specified recipients.

4/ Combine all modes: do both generate PDF & send documents (as form publisher) and create approval workflow!

Key features:

- Multi-level Workflow: Set multi-level form approvals workflow and let static & dynamic recipients approve anytime, anywhere.

- Create & send generated PDF / Google Docs: convert form to pdf / document and send generated pdf automatically. Select your templates of PDF as you want.

- Add conditions to each recipient: Set conditions to each recipient in your form publisher / form approvals workflow so that they can only give approval or receive generated documents / PDF files when specified conditions are met.

- Add form respondent to the flow: get result email when form approvals workflow ends or being asked to edit answers.

- One-click approve on email: Save more time by giving approval with 1 click on form approvals email (auto-sent by the add-on as form publisher to email).

- Resend all pending requests: Resend emails to recipients with missed emails on form approvals & form publishers.

- Show/hide Sheets approval report to recipients on final email

- Form Approvals link authentication


Some of form approvals & form publisher workflows you can use:

1. Finance: 
- Expense Approval Request
- Purchase Requisition Form
- Purchase Request / Purchase Approval Request
- Travel Request
- Service Request
- Employee Loan Approval
- Payment Request
- Salary Advance Approval
- Budget Request Approval
- Petty Cash Request
- CapEx Request
- Expense Reimbursement Request
- Budget Transfer Request
- Stock Inventory Form

2. Sales: 
- Purchase Order Request Form
- Invoice Request
- Refund Request Form
- Discount Approval
- Sales Order Form
- Sales Inquiry Request
- Sales Return Approval
- Order Cancellation Request
- Contract Renewal Request / Renewal Order Form
- Vendor Registration Request
- Booking Approval
- Pre-order Form
- Reservation Form
- Negoatiation Sales Form
- Pre Order Form
- Concierge Service Form

3. Customer Support / Admin:
- Technical Repair Request
- Customer Service Request / Customer Support Request
- Information Request
- Vehicle Request
- Maintenance Request
- Office Supply Request
- IT Request Form
- Sponsorship Request
- Support Request
- Facility Access Request
- Work Permit Approval
- Appointment Request
- New User Request
- Print Approval Request
- Appointment Request
- Feedback Request
- Customer Satisfaction Survey
- Asset Movement Request
- Event Invitation Form
- Meeting Room Reservation Form
- Complaint Form
- Helpdesk Request Form

4. Human Resources: 
- Leave Request / Vacation Request / Time Off Request
- Promotion Request
- Performance Review Form
- Mileage Reimbursement Form
- New Hire Request
- Employee Appraisal Form
- Employee Transfer Request
- Employee Feedback Request
- Employee Onboarding Request
- Employee Referral Request
- Training Request
- Medical Reimbursement Form
- Travel Request 
- Employee Loan Request
- Business Card Request
- Employee Laptop Agreement Form
- Information Request Form
- Paid Time Off Request Form
- Property Maintenance Request Form
- Catering Request Form
- Overtime Request Form
- Hotel & Meeting Booking Request
- Transportation Request

5. For School:
- Student Registration Form
- Event Request Form
- Field Trip Request Form
- Office Referral Form
- Rubrics
- Transcript Request Form
- Tutor Request
- Catering Form
- Transport Authorization
- Student Performance Evaluation
- Course Registration Form
- Course Feedback Survey
- Donation Request
- Bus Top Change Request

It's ok to let this form approval app to use permission of your Google Drive / Forms / Gmail to run form publisher & automated form approvals workflow. Here's why:
Install it FREE now to save time with this form approvals tool from invoice to approvals request, payment approval request...  with: 200 form approvals workflow emails/month
Plus, use form publisher tool as form to pdf & document generator with: 100 generated files per month

Need more emails for automating form approvals & form publisher, check here:
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Profile Picture
Brooke Boyer
November 29, 2022
This app helps us streamline many processes in our company and I love the option to approve via email. The support was helpful as a flow I used was quite complex. Highly recommend this!
Is this review helpful?
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Trang Nguyễn
August 11, 2021
Great add-on, which supports a lot on my work and helps save way much time.
Is this review helpful?
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pemananda school
September 4, 2021
super super pDF generation is straightforward and easy to setup.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Kendy Wong
July 10, 2021
Been using this add-on for a long time since 2019, it is perfect for what our processes regarding shift changing and purchase orders. It is simple to setup and track, plus, it is so much faster to process requests with the one-click approval email. Helpful support team with devotion, good job PerformFlow!!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Arum Handini Primandari
February 11, 2021
It works for my need: multiple approvals and sends PDF documents. Easy to use. The team also gives a quick response. The best part, I got a discount on my plan.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
January 19, 2021
Support takes days to respond, im trying to fix this ASAP and noone is helping me for the whole week, now my client is all angry and we have a Paid $80.00 google addin that does nothing.... nice job performflow.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jones Vagras
February 8, 2021
Great add on for our team! This helps our task management must easier. I can easily keep track of my member's request and work progress. The approval process is smooth and extremely quick. Best part is I can still give decision via my phone since everything is handled via Gmail. I highly recommend this addon especially for small business like mine.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of PerformFlow - Form Approvals Workflow & Publisher
April 19, 2020
Personally I'm in charge of processing requests like leave request, but it was kind of a huge pain when everyone kept sending me email asking for permissions. Fortunately I no longer need to do it manually with this add-on. It is integrated with my forms so I don't need to waste time creating a new one. Setting up an approval workflow is easy too, and now I no longer need to send email manually.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Dina Fernandez
February 12, 2021
New to this app, I just downloaded it! Hoping this app will help expedite our approvals and meet our needs for purchases. Crossing my fingers! Arum Handini Primandari you give me hope with this app. :)
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
July 13, 2021
cannot use it at all....just click for start configuration it just stuck
Is this review helpful?
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