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Automate approval workflow like invoice with form approvals & convert Form to PDF via form publisher
Listing updated:September 29, 2022
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Automate approval workflow like invoice with form approvals & convert Form to PDF via form publisher

Form Publisher & Approvals Flow - PerformFlow is a 2-in-1 add-on that let you automate approval workflow with any request (e.g. invoice request) despite working from home amidst COVID-19. Plus, publish Forms to PDF / Google Docs & send to others.


PerformFlow (Form Approval Workflow & Form to PDF) UPDATE v1.4:

1. Resend emails to recipients who are missed emails on form approvals & form publishers.

2. Edit recipient emails in case of change of company domains/termination of such recipient emails.


PerformFlow (Form Approval Workflow & Form to PDF) UPDATE v1.3.20:

- Give form approvals with only one person in a recipient group by creating and adding Recipient Group into your form approvals & form publisher workflow.


PerformFlow (Form Approval Workflow & Form to PDF) UPDATE v1.3.17:

1. Adding new option to show/hide Sheets approval workflow report with your recipients on both form approvals & form publisher final emails.

2. Show file attachment link to appear on form approvals & form publisher final emails. Also the link appears on generated PDF / document if you also generate Google Form to PDF.


Boost your productivity at home by automating approval workflow:

1. Set multi-level form approvals workflow and let static & dynamic recipients approve anytime, anywhere.

2. Save more time by giving approval with 1 click on form approvals email (auto-sent by the add-on as form publisher to email).

3. Easily learn how to set approval workflow via Google Forms with 4 pre-made question templates to approve. And set your own request like invoice, payment form approvals, registration, reservation...

4. Stop relying on papers and instead track all form approvals requests (e.g. payment, reservation, registration, invoice) in a single spreadsheet & approval workflow emails.

5. Add Form Respondent to get result email when form approval workflow ends or being asked to edit answers.

6. Set conditions to each recipient in your form publisher / form approvals workflow so that they can only receive generated documents / PDF files / give approval when specified conditions are met.

Form approvals cases:

- HR: vacation / leave request (paid time off request - PTO), shift change request, member registration,...

- Operation - Adminstration: payment request, facility access request, purchase request, expense request, reservation...

- Sales: invoice approval workflow, discount approval workflow,...

- School requests: field trip request, tutor request, rubrics...


Generate PDF/Document online by using PerformFlow as form publisher:

- Use document generator (or Google Form to pdf generator) witrh Google Docs template to convert Google Form to pdf.

- Safely send generated PDF / Document automatically to your team (recipients) via email.


Become most productive at remote work by automating approval workflow & generate google form to pdf at the same time!

- Use "Combine All Modes" to do both generate PDF & send document (as form publisher) AND create approval workflow!

- Generate PDF (as form publisher) immediately when someone submits a request.

- Recipients get form approvals decision & receive document via form publisher feature in one email.


This bpm software asks permission for your Google Drive / Forms / Gmail to run form publisher & automated approval workflow only (Google reviewed thoroughly). Learn more:


Install it FREE now to save time with form approvals tool from invoice form approvals request, payment approval request, registration, reservation... with: 100 form approval workflow emails/month (approx. 25 requests)! 

Plus, use form publisher tool as Form to pdf & document generator with: 100 files generated/month

Want more files limit for form publisher & emails for your form approvals workflow? Visit:
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