Pitchfire allows you to direct sellers to your own marketplace listing where they can pay to submit a pitch to you.
Listing updated:March 13, 2024
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Pitchfire is a new and better way for companies to build pipeline without annoying buyers. We make products that kill cold prospecting, allow sellers to get higher responses, and give marketing dollars back to buyers.

60% of sales teams can't build enough pipeline to reach their goals because the people they sell to don't respond to cold calls and emails anymore.

Buyers get annoyed by sales people an average 780 times a year with calls and emails, and they have no incentive to respond to a seller if they aren't interested.

What's even worse is the buyer's company will lose millions dollars a year in lost wages having their employees being interrupted by sellers.

The whole system of building pipeline is falling apart.

Pitchfire is a new place where buyers and sellers can come together. A place where a seller can pitch a buyer and have it be welcomed.

Buyers can list themselves in our marketplace, and then use our Gmail Plugin to send sellers prospecting them to their marketplace.

Sellers can offer a buyer money to review sales pitch, and get a qualified response, without one cold call or cold email.

Everyone that uses Pitchfire will have a marketplace listing, regardless of whether you work in sales, or get sold to.

Pitchfire is where pitching happens.

Sign up for free on our website.
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Jon Mazza
February 26, 2024
I made $75 my first month using it so not bad. Wish I was important enough to get more emails to send to it tho. I'd make a lot more money.
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Ryan O'Hara
January 2, 2023
Well, I'm bias because I worked on this thing, but I can tell you this. This significantly decreased the amount of cold emails I received in my inbox. Usually I get pulled out of the sales reps outbound sequence by sending them to Request for Meeting. It is an added bonus that I've gotten paid too.
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Ryan Hart
December 14, 2022
Game changer. Now I don't have to send cold emails to spam... I can just offer to meet with them if they are willing to pay me for my time.
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