Collect signatures without leaving Google Docs™. Send to others, or sign yourself. Stop drawing annoying signature fields. Stay in the comfort of Google Docs.
Listing updated:May 19, 2023
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April 20th, 2023 UPDATE:
- We no longer allow fields to be inserted within an existing field
- We'll invite you to sign as your name when available
- Added a Load More button to invoice history table
- Checkboxes no longer show their label even when assigned to someone else

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Please Sign Me is an esignature tool for Google Docs™ and Google Drive™. The first truly integrated Google Docs digital signature experience that doesn't force you to download your doc, draw annoying text and signature boxes, and then reupload your final signed document back to Google Drive. 

With Please Sign Me, you can easily insert fields anywhere into your document, then assign those fields to someone, and send it to them for signature. We even use your own Gmail™ account to send the document so your request is personal and secure in your account.

Do everything from inside the Google Docs sidebar add-on!

1. Install the Please Sign Me add-on.
2. Insert fields into any doc, such as {{First Name}} or {{Client Signature}}.
3. Run the Please Sign Me add-on from the extensions/add-on menu.
4. From the sidebar, inside Google Docs, assign fields to a single person, multiple people, or even yourself.
5. Review and send your document for signatures.
6. Signers receive an email from you asking them to sign.
7. No login or authorization required from your signers.
8. When everyone has signed, your final PDF goes back into your Google Drive™ and you are notified via email.

Please Sign Me is a paid product. You are free to set up and explore the add-on, but a paid plan is required to send signature requests.

➤ Paid plans:

Please Sign Me is useful for any Google Docs user from any facet of life. School, work, home, we can help you with it all.

➤ Solo entrepreneurs: send out small contracts for a legally binding signature.
➤ Medium businesses: standardize your statement of work templates for your salesforce.
➤ Large enterprise: remove security and compliance concerns with your other esignature solutions. Your documents stays safe and secure in Google Workspace™ and never leaves.
➤ Teachers: send mass permission slips and parent communication that require acknowledgement and/or signatures.
➤ Sports teams: have all your players or team mates fill out a document that is critical for them to play on the team.
➤ Waivers: have customers fill out a standard waiver when they book. Keep that template as a Google Doc and throw away the photocopier.
➤ Waivers: have customers fill out a standard waiver when they book. Keep that template as a Google Doc and throw away the photocopier.
➤ Better business processes: simplify the number of software tools your staff use on a daily basis. Keep them inside the trustworth Google™ ecosystem and stop training them to use other esignature products.
➤ Enhanced security: letting your documents leave your account is always risky. Know who has accessed your sensitive contracts by keeping them in Google Drive.


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Brant Bloxom
March 8, 2024
Great plugin. Love that I don't have to leave google docs to use this. Only thing that would make it a 5 star review from me is Auto assigning fields for multiple signers on the same document. (Person 1 assigned first 3 fields, Person 2 assigned last 3 fields) Hopefully it gets updated soon!
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Rob Davy
January 10, 2023
This is the one you're looking for! Really easy to add signatures to documents, send them to people to sign, etc. Much simpler than Docusign and the others
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Dan McEleney
December 8, 2022
Love it!!!
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