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A set of 30+ solutions for daily tasks in Google Sheets.
Listing updated:January 17, 2022
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If bringing your spreadsheets to order in the shortest time possible is your goal, Power Tools is a must-have. It cuts the clicks on repeated tasks and enhances your Google Sheets with features that organize and unify your data.

Among its add-ons you'll find those that remove duplicates, compare and vlookup sheets, import ranges from multiple sheets, merge cells, find and replace data, sum and count colored cells, generate numbers and other records. Text toolkit utilities are also included and let you change case, add and remove strings and characters, trim whitespaces, and split text to columns.

All the tools are divided into 10 different groups based on their main purpose:

➊ Smart toolbar offers some one-click actions. The main ones are:
- Advanced find and replace. Search in values, formulas, links, errors, and notes
- Sum and Count colored cells (other functions included)
- Change text case. Capitalize first or all letters, apply sentence and lowercase, toggle text
- Sheets Manager. Handle multiple sheets in one go: (un)hide, (un)protect, copy, move, change color, reorder, delete.

Other toolbar instruments let you:
- Remove empty rows and columns
- Flip data
- (Un)freeze top rows and left columns
- Unpivot tables
- Unmerge all or selected cells
- Auto calculate all numbers

➋ Dedupe and Compare data:
- Find and remove duplicates in any combination of columns in your sheet
- Compare two columns or sheets to find duplicates
- Highlight duplicates or uniques, copy or move them to another location
- Identify dupes in a status column
- Combine duplicate rows and merge unique data referring to the same record

➌ Merge and Combine sheets:
- Merge cells in rows, columns, or the entire range and keep all records
- Merge two Google sheets by key columns: vlookup data from another table considering text case and ignoring blanks
- Combine duplicate rows and merge unique data referring to the same record
- Combine data from multiple sheets into one based on column headers
- Consolidate data from several sheets into one summary report

➍ Work with text:
- Capitalize each word or cell, change case to uppercase or lowercase, toggle and polish text
- Add text by position:
    1. At the beginning or at the end of the selected cells
    2. Before or after certain text
    3. At any other position you need
- Remove unwanted data:
    1. Get rid of any characters or strings in the range
    2. Remove line breaks, commas, and any characters or strings in the range
    3. Remove characters by position, or when they follow or precede certain text
    4. Delete leading and trailing spaces
    5. Reduce spaces between words to one
    6. Remove HTML entities and tags, non-printing characters, and delimiters
- Split cells in different ways:
    1. By any characters
    2. By capital letters
    3. By strings
    4. By position
    5. Separate names by name units
- Replace accented characters with regular, smart quotes with straight ones, turn codes to symbols and back
- Extract text from different positions:
    1. Before/after/between certain text
    2. From the beginning / the end / or the exact position
    3. Extract numbers, links, email addresses

➎ Process data with one-step tools:
- V-lookup multiple matches based on multiple criteria
- Sum and count cells by their color
- Find and replace in values, formulas, links, errors, and notes
- Handle several Google sheets in one go with ease

➏ Split toolset:
- Separate values by any character or strings
- Split text by position 
- Separate first and last name in Google Sheets, extract titles and other name parts into individual columns
- Split one table into multiple sheets by columns.
- Split 'Date time' cells into cells with the date and time units 

➐ Randomize:
- Shuffle values in rows, columns, or the entire range
- Generate random numbers, dates, booleans, custom lists, or strings 

➑ Try out the formula tools:
- Toggle between relative and absolute cell references
- Convert formulas to values
- Autosum columns and automatically add other functions to all selected columns
- Add new calculations to all Google Sheets formulas at once

➒ Clear contents in Google Sheets by type:
- Erase any combination of data types from the selected range: formatting, numbers, dates, booleans, notes, text, formulas, hyperlinks, or validation
- Delete all empty or unused rows and columns

➓ Convert data format:
- Convert text-formatted numbers and dates to numeric and date format
- Change number sign
- Export Google Sheets range to JSON or XML
- Convert Japanese chars between Hiragana and Katakana systems

Power Tools keeps the history of the recent operations at hand so you could quickly re-apply actions to a different range. You can also favor the most frequent features to have access to them at any time. 
Or save the entire sets of options to find duplicates or merge two tables in a click.

Fully functional 30-day trial period. All payments are secure and include an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions about the add-on, please post them here:
We'll be happy to assist!

Power Tools is a proud member of the Ablebits product family. We build add-ons that help you make the most of Google Workspace. Visit our official website to learn more:

***** V1.14 (18 October 2021) *****
★ New features ★
- Sheets Manager add-on. Handle multiple sheets in one go: (un)hide, (un)protect, copy, move, change color, reorder, delete. Make sure to visit the help page for all the details.
- Combine Sheets. Quickly add more files to the existing result with a corresponding new option. No need to combine all sheets all over again. Just select the new sheets you want to add to the result and the result itself. Select the previously combined data as the one to update and the add-on will do the rest. Visit the help page for all the details.
- Function by Color. Two new functions are available in your Google Sheets:
Use them to process colors in your own formulas, e.g. SUMIFS, IF, etc. Learn more on the help page.
- Split Text. Now you can split text not only into multiple columns but also into rows.
- Extract Text. Extract all matching records from a cell into one or separate cells.
- Change Case. A new setting is available: lower & Capitalize. It will not only - - Capitalize Each Word in a cell but also lower all other letters.

- Remove Duplicate Rows, Merge Sheets, Merge Values, Combine Sheets, Function by Color: significant performance improvements in processing large amounts of data.
- Merge Values: now knows how to process up to 5,000,000 cells.
- Text: 
    1. Add, Split, Remove: now process not only cells with text but also currencies, percents, dates, and other data types. 
    2. Split: processes multiple adjacent columns and rows (rather than one column/row).
    3. Change Case: now processes multiple non-adjacent ranges.
- Minor UI and UX improvements.

- Merge Sheets:
    1. The 'Create a new spreadsheet' option updated the main table with the result instead. 
    2. When you changed the lookup sheet in the scenario, it still used the sheet that was saved in the scenario initially.
    3. Running scenarios twice in a row simply duplicated the master sheet. 
    4. Scenarios didn't work if the second spreadsheet used in the scenarios was removed from Drive.
- Remove Duplicate Rows: new scenarios pulled settings from the very first saved scenario. 
- Compare Sheets:
    1. New scenarios contained settings from the very first saved scenario.
    2. When you changed the second sheet in the scenario, it still used the table that was saved in the scenario initially.
    3. Scenarios errored if the sheet had fewer rows than was mentioned in the scenarios. 
    4. Scenarios didn't work if the second spreadsheet recorded in the scenarios was removed from Drive.
- Combine Sheets: placing the resulting formula into your custom location removed existing conditional formatting, Data validation rules and comments.
- Consolidate Sheets: SUM and AVERAGE returned empty cells instead of '0' in some cases. 
- Function by Color: formulas didn't work with a one-cell range. 
- Multiple VLOOKUP Matches: formulas returned 'PARSE ERROR' whenever the records to look for contained a single quote, i.e. it's.
- Merge Values: incorrectly merged data in each row from multiple ranges.
- Change Case: 'Capitalize Each Word' didn't work after a line break.
- Extract Text:
    1. Inserted an empty column for the result even if there were no matches to extract.
    2. Inserted a new column for every 10,000 rows of data.
- Replace Symbols: didn't replace many keyboard symbols with the corresponding codes.
- Formulas: 'Convert relative to absolute' broke formulas with some functions, e.g. DAYS360.
- Minor UX issues.

***** V1.13 (5 May 2021) *****
★ New features ★ 
- Consolidate Sheets. Plus add-on to combine data with a formula! Have the result for SUM and COUNT returned as a formula to consolidate all existing and future records from the selected sheets. The formula is always connected to your original files: the resulting calculations will consider all changes and new values automatically. Make sure to visit the help page for more details.
- Scenarios are finally available for the following add-ons: Merge Sheets, Remove Duplicate Rows, Combine Duplicate Rows, Compare Sheets. Make sure to visit the related help pages for more details.  
- Advanced Find & Replace:
    1. Now you can delete rows with found values.
    2. Preserve text formatting. If there are multiple text strings in a cell formatted in different ways, this option will let you keep all formatting upon replacing values.
- Text:
    1. Extract. Extract text, numbers, hyperlinks, URLs and email addresses from any part of the selected text.
    2. Match case. Decide when to consider the text case with the corresponding checkbox in the 'Add', 'Remove' and 'Split' tools.
    3. Replace symbols. Single smart quotes (‘’) are replaced with single straight quotes ('') as well.
- Remove Duplicate Rows, Compare Sheets, Quick Dedupe. New action with found values is available – delete entire rows from the sheet.
- Compare Sheets. If sheets of interest are in separate spreadsheets, you can add them for comparison from Drive straight from the add-on.
- Multiple VLOOKUP Matches. You can now look for cells that 'start with' or 'end with' particular characters or strings.
- Split Sheet. A new way to split – to multiple new spreadsheets.
- Convert. A compliment for users who work with Japanese texts: convert characters to Hiragana and full-width or half-width Katakana.
- Clear. The 'Clear validation' option will remove 'Data validation' from the selection leaving only values in cells.

- Consolidate Sheets: now it's possible to consolidate data from just one table.
- Merge Values: you can merge cells not only from neighboring columns but from multiple non-adjacent ranges as well.
- Function by Color: 'Refresh results', Merge Values, Advanced Find and Replace, Combine Sheets: significant performance improvements in processing large amounts of data.
- Text: fields where you can enter text strings now support such key shortcuts as 'ctrl+z', 'ctlr+y', 'ctrl+c', etc.
- Minor UI and UX improvements.

- Merge Sheets:
    1. Step2 didn't load if the add-on was run from a file with one sheet with hidden columns.
    2. Didn't change the name of the main sheet if the add-on was started from a chart sheet.
- Merge Values: the date and currency number formats changed after the merge.
- Combine Sheets: didn't work if you chose to preserve formatting but one of your tables contained headers with blank colored rows.
- Consolidate Sheets:
    1. Allowed you to press the final 'Consolidate' button a few times making the tool throw errors.
    2. Errored after pressing 'Cancel' in the notification message about the large selection.
    3. In some cases, counted the amounts of data incorrectly, hence, didn't notify about the large selection and extra time needed to process these cells. 
- Remove Substrings Individually: if substrings to remove were copy-pasted from the sheet, the add-on added [Line breaks] to remove them as well.
- Compare Sheets:
    1. If the range was too small to process (1 cell), you could still proceed with the tool.
    2. You couldn't change the range after pressing 'Cancel' in the pop-up notifications. 
- Advanced Find & Replace:
    1. Didn't search in hyperlinks if they weren't created by the corresponding function.
    2. Couldn't find anything if the chart sheet was selected to search in as well. 
    3. Didn't export cells and rows with found errors.
- Split Names: didn't work with only 2 rows without headers.
- Multiple VLOOKUP Matches:
    1. The formula missed the final argument making headers merge with data from the 1st row.
    2. The formula didn't return results for 'Date time' cells if conditions were built for dates only. 
    3. The formula didn't work with big ranges that contained column BY.
- Split Sheet:
    1. Ignored the range you selected before running the add-on and picked up the entire used range anyway.
    2. Didn't process a new range selected before hitting 'Split'. 
    3. Couldn't create a new sheet if it was named after the record with 100+ chars. 
- Clear: didn't work with 'Remove from all sheets' selected if the file contained a chart sheet.

***** V1.12 *****
★ New features ★
- Combine Sheets. One more way to combine data – with a formula! Have the add-on build a formula to join all existing and future records from the chosen sheets together. The formula is always connected to your original files. Hence, all source changes, all new cells, rows and columns will appear in the combined table automatically. Make sure to visit the help page for more details.
- Split Text. Two new options were introduced by your request:
    1. Split values by capital letter.
    2. Replace source data with the first result column.
- Add Text by Position. Add text to non-blank cells only using the 'Skip empty cells' checkbox.
- Text:
    1. Remove html tags. This feature removes all opening and closing HTML elements (e.g. <strong>, <br>, </li> ) from the text.
    2. Replace smart quotes (“”) with straight quotes ("").
- Clear. Remove empty/unused rows/columns from all sheets at once.
- Convert number sign. An extra setting lets you 'reverse all number signs' in the selected range at once.

***** V1.11 *****
★ New features ★
- Split Date & Time. Separate cells containing 'Date time' values into columns with only 'Date' units and 'Time' units.
- A couple of new options were introduced into Function by Color:
    1. Fill your result cells with colors of the pattern cell used for calculations.
    2. Quickly check and change formula colors and calculation ways with the 'Edit selected formula' option.

***** V1.10 *****
★ New features ★
- Multiple VLOOKUP Matches. Do a quick vlookup across multiple columns and find all matches from all directions based on numerous criteria.
- Consolidate Sheets. Summarize records from several spreadsheets based on their position or common headers.
- Quick Dedupe. This one-step tool will instantly find and eliminate duplicates in your table. It colors and deletes, copies and moves dupes to a new sheet, as well as marks them in a status column.
- Split Sheet. Split one table into multiple sheets by columns.
- Merge Sheets: you can not only update your existing main table but also merge tables in a new spreadsheet.
- Auto-start is now available. Pin the button at the very bottom of the add-on and it will run automatically in each spreadsheet.
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A User of Power Tools
September 15, 2018
I installed it to import CSV data quickly. Simply paste data then split into columns on comma character. Not perfect, but works moist of the time, depending if there are commas in strings.
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Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
January 28, 2017
Doesn't work at all on Chrome 55 on Windows 10, OR Chrome on Mac OS. When you click Add-ons -> Power Tools -> Start, the side bar appears, but is completely blank/empty. Tried refreshing the page, didn't fix it. Tried disabling my ad blocker, didn't help.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
December 25, 2018
LOVE it. This suite saves me so much time and frustration. I love split names, remove duplicates, find / replace. I'm sure I'll use more and more of this addon as time goes on.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
October 19, 2018
Excellent data preparation tool. I wrangle data almost all day every day. And the data sources are almost always a train wreck. This utility is a fantastic addition to tools like Tableau Prep. In addition, the staff are very helpful and responsive - they fixed a licensing glitch within a day.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
April 10, 2018
I use it sometimes, but not enough to pay, and only being able to use one single find and replace a day is pretty stupid. Sorry, but no thanks.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Wyatt Knight
September 6, 2018
There so many features that I love and use most every day to list here, however I will say this; If I added up the time this little extension/ add-on saves me and multiplied it by my hourly rate, lets just say It would be a very large number. Worth every penny and then some. I couldn't do without this add on. It is kinda funny how painful some tasks are once you are aware of an easier way. HANDS DOWN, one of the most useful chrome extensions ever purchased.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
March 17, 2015
I just needed a tool to import text. Open Office does it in one step, where Power Tools takes two, but it works perfectly. I can't use Open Office on a chromebook.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
May 6, 2018
I'm a disappointed Ablebits user/licensee. I've purchased the Ultimate Suite for Ablebits for Excel - and that makes sense based on the breadth and depth of functionality in that suite. While I do use Ablebits Power Tools frequently on Google Sheets, the tools are not nearly as robust and are limited in comparison (based on limitations in Google Sheets itself). It's also quite laggy when processing volumes of data and often errors out on larger data sets. While I would be willing to pay a fee, the price quoted in CAD was $90 (at a sale price) was unjustified for a product that is simply not comparable in functionality to your other Excel suite. I understand and agree with what people are saying here. I've been a user, and paid for 3 licenses on desktops for Excel. Have you considered including the Google Sheets version for Excel purchasers as the functions are the same but far more limited on Google?
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
July 13, 2015
Installed for "sum by color" function but does not seem to work. Have been playing with it for an hour or so and keeps giving an error when I try to sum and a count of 0 every time. Help?
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Power Tools
February 28, 2018
Great all round tool but giving it a 1 star for the fact of they want people to pay for it when the entire google docs sweet is free, a donation button I would be happy with but a monthly fee nope. Also the only problem I have found is getting the formula to refresh you have to either change the formula or refresh it in the add-on there is no auto refresh.
Is this review helpful?
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