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Customize Google Forms™ with styles, Multi-language form, Inline Math Equation Editor, Custom Form's Layout & Designs, Html formatting, Insert custom Button, Table, & more features.
Listing updated:March 24, 2023
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Pretty Forms Designer add-on provides a user interface to change the look & feel of existing Google Forms™. Users can make their existing Google Forms more beautiful, more attractive & personalised. 
Interactive user interface, No coding & technical skills are required. Multi-language supported, Customize Google Forms Designing, Equations Editing, Insert Custom Items, Tables, Buttons and a lot of features are supported. Just design your form's UI as you want.
If you want to create a form whose looks must be similar to your website or business, this would be the best addon in the Form Builder category that will satisfy all your requirements.

This Form Maker comes with many advanced & awesome features:

Multi languages / Multilingual support in the Google Forms.
This feature provides a method to create a single form that can be opened in the multiple languages. When a user selects a specific language to fill out the form, form automatic changes its content in the selected lang. It helps the end user to see the form questions in their native language and filling would become very easy, which means your Google Form is now localized.

Integrated Google Translate.
This helps the form creator to auto write content in the language other than the user's default language. When a form writer writes the content in their language, this function automatically translate the selected content part in the chosen language, which very helpful in localization.

Support Html Content in the Google Forms.
Previously Google Forms does not support the html elements. In 2022, Google Forms started few support of HTML Formatting elements in the question's title and few more elements in description of question. This in built feature makes the form better than before but actually not enough. Like we can not use html tables, html buttons and other html nodes the our existing forms. 
Pretty Forms Designer gives a way to add such element like table, button by copy & paste from another website.

Import Google Document Content in the Google Form.
If you have designed a table or any content in the Google Documents, you have an option to import those tables in your form. Not only full document, you can select a part of your Document that will be embedded in the automagical way into your form.

Write Formulas or Equations in the Google Forms Quizzes
This is one of the most demanding feature for the teachers & also for the students who wants to insert their math Equation / Formula or Symbol in the Google Form Quiz. By using this feature you can easily insert your equations using the inline Equation Editor, whether it is related to Physics / Chemistry / Maths or any other subjects. This will write the actual / real mathematical formula based on Tex, LaTeX systems. This will not embed your mathematics formulas / symbols as an image or picture as it can be pixelate and would not be smooth rendered when you decide to convert to PDF format or save as docs or present your form in your zoom meeting / cisco webex or google meet video conferencing class or want to sent your form using Gmail. You will not face any issues related to pixelated formula images when you zoom your form.

Other solutions provide adding only one Math Equation (as image) in a question or in a option. Here you can add as many as Equations you want to insert in the question content and in the options as well.

Multiple Fonts can be set
Recently Google has added this feature to set custom font to the header text & question text. This Addon also supports adding font to header title, description, question's title, description & options level. Moreover you can also set custom font at the individual component level like if you want to set separate fonts for a particular types of questions or on a single question or want to set a specific font to a Text Label that represents a some sort of instructions. 

There are many types of UI controls you can use in the form. 
Box - It is container that contains the another control. It is like div tag element of html.
Horizontal Box - This is a container control that align the children controls horizontally in the row direction.
Vertical Box - This is a container control that align the children controls vertically in the column direction.
Horizontal Divider - A divider ui control that can be added between the two items to separate them. This can be added in the Vertical Box or Box.
Vertical Divider -  A divider ui control that can be added between the two items to separate them. This can be added in the Horizontal Box.
Text Label - An element to add a text paragraph.
Html Content - To adding html content like tables, para tag, list, link elements.
Button - To add a custom button with styles including icon, image, on click handling.
Image Box - Contains an image with the various styling options.
Google Doc Content Box - This provides the full support to integrate your Google Docs to the Google Forms.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.
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