Reach inbox zero. Turn emails into tasks and win at project management without leaving your inbox.
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Priority Matrix for Gmail lets you get to Inbox Zero by turning emails into tasks. You can set due dates, assign to others and estimate effort, all without leaving your Gmail inbox.

 * Reach inbox zero and let email just be email
 * Prioritize incoming tasks so they get done on time, by the right person
 * Share tasks among collaborators for superior teamwork
 * Communicate your priorities with the rest of your team: Single source of truth


Priority Matrix helps you and your team work on the right thing at the right time. With everybody rowing in the same direction, you will reach your goals on time. Work on what matters!

Available on all major platforms with automatic sync: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, web, etc. No need to write things twice or keep to-do lists on paper.

Each of your projects or initiatives can be organized as a priority matrix, also known as the Eisenhower method, which is a powerful methodology to prioritize your tasks. Focus always on the right things.

 * Keep projects private or collaborate with your team: Manage your TODOs or launch a spaceship!
 * Visualize each project as a matrix, in your calendar or in Gantt chart mode
 * Intelligent due date detection: Enter tasks like "buy milk tomorrow afternoon"
 * Smart reminder system: "Remind everyone in 30 minutes" or "Remind me next Tuesday"

You can create projects and tasks, set deadlines, share notes, upload files, add comments, assign tasks to other team members, complete tasks and more from the app. Tag projects with the right categories so they are easy to find.

 * With advanced filtering and search, managers sort tasks by owner, status, date, etc.
 * Daily, weekly, and monthly reports provide deep team productivity insights
 * Zoom into your top tasks with the best task management tool available 

 * Email: Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc.
 * Calendar: iCal, iOS reminders, Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.
 * AI-powered chat bot for Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams
 * Track links from Box, Dropbox, SharePoint or Basecamp
 * Everything else: Google Docs, Siri, etc.
 * Import your data from Trello, Asana, OmniFocus and MS Project
 * Unique methodology not available on agile tools like Wrike, SmartSheet or Podio
 * Track key tasks from your CRM system or accounting tool (Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, FreshBooks, Intuit Quickbooks)
 * One up your customer service by tracking cases from your helpdesk tool (e.g. Zendesk, 

Upgrade to Priority Matrix Pro for premium features, including:

 * Desktop apps for macOS and Windows
 * Larger teams
 * Extra storage space
 * Advanced reports with lucid charts and drill-down
 * Gantt visualization mode
 * Version control for your changes
 * Read-only data sharing with clients
 * Productivity coaching and webinars

Note: A free Priority Matrix account is necessary to be able to use the add-in, but no subscription is required.
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